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  1. Oh ya! Im in. Thanks for another giveaway GlobalGolf!
  2. Fun game! Great spin on an old classic! Give it to me baby! uh huh uh huh.
  3. Entered, lets see if I can get lucky again!
  4. Its just fine to listen to music just as long as its at a respectable level and doesn't interfere with others on the course. I do listen to music while playing, especially if I'm playing alone. Its not like its so loud you cant have conversations with your playing partners or hear mother nature (the sound of the grass HA your killing me). Who the hell are you guys golfing with that cranks the music up so loud that you cant talk to each other? Sorry but I could say that the birds all of a sudden chirping is more a distraction then soft music constantly playing. I have portable ipod speakers that i put n the "glovebox" of the cart or clip to my bag if I'm walking. I keep the volume low enough to where you only hear it while in the cart. No one on the course other than me can hear it, and if I'm playing with friends I ask them before hand if they mind and no one ever has. I live in the country so hearing the "sounds of nature" is normal for me. I don't live in a city so no sirens or horns honking. It is not distracting at all, I paint houses for a living and listen to music or talk radio all day while working and its never broke my concentration or disturbed me. If music was a disturbance there's noway us construction workers could do our work without being distracted. Every job site Ive been on and will go on has music playing. So does just about every office you visit. Maybe weaker minds or people that aren't used to working or doing activities with music could startle or distract them. But you yourself determines what a distraction is, if you let something be a distraction it will become one. Golf (just like alot of things in life) are more mental than physical. Altho there is a level of volume that could make it distracting but i believe that's where being mature and common courtesy comes in. Its not ok to play rap music or pantera on a job site, nore is it ok to blast any music. For me music is soothing, not a distraction. That damn squirrel running infront of me as I'm about to make an approach shot is more of a distraction than music playing softly. I think the whole thing about playing music is to each their own but just like in life you have to be courteous and respectful to your neighbors. Its the people who just don't care about anyone in society but themselves that are the ones blasting there boom boxes on the course. It all comes down to being a good human being and putting others before yourself.
  5. Got mine yesterday too!!! Thanks Global Golf!!
  6. I usually put them in the passenger seat like others suggested. But if Ive got a passenger I put my bag in this http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3977721 Its a hard travel case I put it right up against the bed sideways and it fits almost perfect and barely moves. If I'm going farther than my normal courses I may put a bungee across the bed to stop the chance of it sliding but it has not budged since I began using it. Fits my bag pretty snug.
  7. "Id love that one for free" also lol. Size Large How are the winners notified? My name might be one of the ones listed unless theres another person with my first name and same last initial. I have received no email or messages.
  8. So if we are playing stroke play, do we add up the scores and subtract the number of strokes given? Does the strokes per hardest hole only pertain to match play?
  9. Ok I can see that. I've never played match play, just counted strokes.
  10. Is that the way everyone else scores as there playing with there partners? I guess I'm confused as to why its like this? Seems easier to just add up the scores at the end and subtract the strokes that are given and the lowest number wins. How do you guys keep score when playing against a playing partner? Can someone please explain how to properly keep score this way then? Seems like this would put a big emphasize on scoring well on the hardest holes or your wasting the strokes given. Sorry for all the beginner questions, but I want to play the right way and reading the wording in the rules Ive found online can be confusing.
  11. Ok. So thats what the numbers in gray are on the scorecard under the distance, par, HANDICAP. AHHHHH I've always wondered that but never played for anything but fun and the enjoyment of the game. Now I'm wanting to take the game serious and play competitivly so this is confusing stuff I'm trying to learn lol. Next question would be how are they numbered? 1=the hardest? or 1=the easiest?
  12. Ok. Im new to the handicap system and have learned alot since I've become a member of this site. I guess I figured that when me and my buddy play and we use our handicaps (starting this weekend) that I would just get a number of strokes determined by our course handicaps. Now I've been reading that only certain holes I would get strokes on. How does that work? How do I determine which holes and how many strokes?
  13. Yes! Exactly! That's why I was inquiring about the handicap index and course index. Which I now understand thanks to Jason for his explanation. We should now be able to take our handicap indexes and calculate our course handicap for which ever course were playing and that's the number we play from. Which should then make it a more even playing field so it can be competitive.
  14. Thats easier said than done! Im a very competitive person in everything I do.
  15. I posted an 8 on a par 3 a couple weekends ago. 150yd over a lake big sloped green front to back with bunkers long left and short right. My tee shot goes long left but over that dreaded bunker(1). The pin placement is in that corner of the green so I just wanna try and flop it on the edge of the green and let it trickle down a bit. Instead I get way under the ball and end up in that bunker right in front of me(2). Doh! Now I feel I got the exact same shot as before but now I'm in the bunker. I end up blading it and it goes all the way across the green and into the other bunker(3)! Now I have alot of green to work with rather than feet I got yards lol. So now I'm hitting 4 and once again I hit it way to hard and it ends up back in the same damn bunker it started in(4). 5th shot yup you guessed it hit it thin and it went back towards the short side bunker again(5)! Lucky for me not in it tho. I then proceed to 3 putt! I also had a 9 on a par 5 last weekend! Drive went in the trees, hit a 3 wood that skimmed the ground that hit a branch or a bird on the ground, all I hear was the noise of something getting hit and a bird flew away lol. 3rd shot same club topped it again, 4th miss hit my hybrid, 5th hit my 7i to short then proceeded to once again mishit my pitch shots 3x over the green back and forth to where finally hit it solid and 1 putted. Ugh... I really need to figure out my short game. Some shots its good others its really bad.
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