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  1. I left a club to join another a bit further away but a better challenge. After about a year, I remarked to one member during a game when he asked me about my golfing history etc., just chewing the fat, what I thought of the club and course. "Great," I said. "I haven't met anyone who I wouldn't want to play with again.". He said, "I could give you some names to avoid!". 😂😂 I have come across a couple now. Still no one I'd pull my name from a pairing but the heart does sink a bit. I hate cheats though. Who's had the guy on the par 5 holes. You know he's had 8 but ask him just t
  2. Never mind Tom Watson, Watch Bryson! The guy's a jitter bag. 🤣
  3. We have a sling Stu, "Revenge is best served cold!"
  4. The above has been very similar in the UK too. As a member of a Golf Club, a handicap is gained by submitting three scorecards whilst playing with a fellow member or in some Clubs, a round with the Captain. Then whilst playing in club competitions your handicap is worked out by the computer after each event. (At my club, not posting your card after a competition round is looked on severely and repeated omissions will result in competition bans. All competitions need to submit their scores for an accurate CSS to be declared.) However, If you are going through a purple patch and wish to h
  5. That third round was some of the best golf I've seen on TV for some time. Playing on slick greens some of the long putts were amazing. Lovely to see Jordan come alive again. Even my wife stayed up to the end.
  6. Ever since McIlroy shoved a kid in the face as the lad was after an autograph. He didn't even look down. The game is bigger than any player.
  7. In tennis, a player is penalised for damaging equipment or temper tantrums. So should the golfer for damaging the teeing area or green through temper. A couple of weeks ago Lashley slammed his putter onto the green as he was walking off. The commentator remarked that he didn't even repair the mark.
  8. Having replied to this comment nine years ago and a couple of times since then, I have gone on and studied the grips of a number of golfers on the television as they recover from the follow through after hitting the ball. There is definitely evidence that some use some sort of a grip that does not have the left index and left pinky fully interlocked. I mentioned in one of my past posts that Jordan Speith used a form of overlap and I assumed that all fingers on the right hand gripped the club. His left index finger overlapped the right ring finger so much that the left index overshot the
  9. Over the years I've tried just about every grip in the book and even some you won't find either. I tried the reverse overlap some 15-20 years ago but like others, I found the right hand little finger was getting crushed, So hence the experimenting. I found Jordan Speith's grip very similar to the Reverse Overlap but the subtle difference is that he pushes the tip of his right little finger between the index finger and the second finger of the left hand and overlaps the second finger of the right hand. Unfortunately, he has fallen out of sorts lately and tends to spray his drives dow
  10. Wessex


  11. Looking at Jordan Speith's grip he is using a reverse overlap with the left index finger over the right ring finger but lifting the right pinkie out of the way. I have used a similar grip but I actually move the hands fractionally closer overlapping the right ring finger with the left index finger and overlap the left swear finger with the right pinkie. This works very well with people with over active hands.
  12. Reading this thread this morning I got to the end before checking the date of the posts. 2010. :) It's now 2013 and the white belt is still going strong here in the UK. Bought mine from Next, a fashion store over here. Still got two years to go then. ;)
  13. When reverse overlapping overlap your right ring finger not your right pinkie. The last three fingers on your left hand grip the club and move the butt of the club nearer the left hand pinkie to get the feeling of grip there.
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