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  1. What's my secret to scoring in the 70s? Play 9 holes.
  2. Yeah I saw someone hit the ball into a bunker and it just bounced and rolled, no sand movement at all lol
  3. LOL Christ it looks like he's having a seizure
  4. I watched about a half hour or so this AM before going to work. Some of the worst pro golfing I've ever seen. I don't know if everyone has food poisoning or if the constant car honking from the nearby traffic is the cause.
  5. Any time a slower group allows you to tee off and pass them up is nerve wracking for me. I don't like an audience and these are the times that any kind of mishit seems to be pretty amplified.
  6. Why am I not surprised by the odd and random capitalization. I find "faith" to be a character flaw. If you know something to be true you have no use for faith. Bubba is a good golfer but I was cheering hardcore for Jordan Spieth.
  7. Good job, sounds like you're doing fine. Lessons were BIG in my development. Seems like so many golfers shy away from them I don't know why. I know guys that have been golfing for many years and they struggle with a bad slice, still to this day they haven't taken a lesson. The only time I slice is with my 3 wood ;)
  8. I'm offering the two videos that made an impact to my game. They may help! Hitting on plane Hitting your driver;=PLACF95D0610C12FDC&index;=2
  9. Yeah my golf course is awesome, you pay $299 for the year and you get unlimited range balls and twilight play for 10 bucks. So now I don't even go to the range much I just play. Did you take any lessons?
  10. It's taken me 3 years, but I finally consider myself an intermediate golfer. This year I really dedicated myself to the game of golf. Playing twice a week at least. I have a card with my local course to have unlimited range balls for a fee. I hacked and played terrible for a year and a half. I had lessons last year, I think 5 or 6 of them. My game previous to this year was very inconsistent. This year started out a little frustrating. I watched some youtube videos on the things I was struggling with. I feel that I had enough course time and training to be able to watch a video and implement what they were talking about. My pitching and chipping has really come along, putting is getting there. The last two games I played I've walked off the course with a smile. No lost balls, pars and mainly bogeys is my game right now. I'm not trying to be a scratch golfer, I just wanted to get to where I didn't embarrass myself. Mission accomplished. When did you realize that you "made it" out of the doldrums of bad play and things were starting to click?
  11. Shot a 96 lastnight at Dauphin Highlands. It's a fairly difficult course [for my level anyway] but it's probably the 2nd best round I've done. I was under a 100 last week as well, I hope this trend continues.
  12. McIlroy, absolutely textbook swing, a work of art.
  13. I have a best friend who will not count mulligans when tallying his score but he's not bragging about his score later. It doesn't bother me, but the guy you're describing, I wouldn't be golfing with him. It's one thing to move your golf ball that's sitting on a stone or something like that, but to keep getting himself out of trouble by moving his ball around, that's the work of a dishonest man.
  14. Yeah the thing that got me was that hitting a nice used to be the highlight of each hole. But then after doing that, hosing up the approach shots and then putting 4 times just drove me crazy. Now...I don't give a damn so much about a crushing drive. I care more about getting the ball on the green with one shot [approach] and then putting once or twice. That is much more satisfying.
  15. I hate the chipping me it's like someone saying "I couldn't figure out how to chip right so I bought a club that does it for me."