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  1. I raced for 6 years.....I have ridden almost everything at one time or another. I would buy Specialized w/o question. What is your budget?
  2. OK hold on...your saying a bucket is attached 1' from a center hub, and also at 100' from a center hub going 1rpm. If I am describing this correctly the 1' bucket will be traveling faster.....or should I say it will make more revolutions. And actually more and more drivers are now 46"
  3. The 1 footer will be going faster...less distance to travel. Just like a smaller tire will rotate faster than a big tire.... Wouldn't the smaller guy normally be using a shorter shaft...so it would all be relative...wouldn't it?
  4. I thought that the SS is at it's highest just before impact and after impact...the whipping motion through the ball. Why would it matter how tall you are?
  5. You ever put on ribbed grips? I have been curious if it's worth the extra effort to line up.
  6. Chapter 18 is very true......
  7. For those who haven't read it....get it It truly is worth all the hype, especially for the new and high HC golfers. I'll never buy another DVD again on instruction, this book explains all you need to know.
  8. apply tape, stick tee in the butt end of the grip, squirt solution in grip shake...pour out over tape, stick on grip... Is that how you do it......
  9. JYB check out the PCI hybrids if you haven't already....
  10. JYB check out the PCI hybrids if you haven't already....
  11. You know I have come to the conclusion that there really isn't a #2 player. After Tiger everyone plays the same. Phil shouldn't be #2 IMO, simply because he has not proven he is a rival to #1. Really there hasn't been anyone that has stepped up to rival, other than a lot of words....sabbatini, austin, etc. Off topic I know...sorry
  12. Good video.....I love seeing the ball compress like that...139ss damn that's fast.
  13. I've said it once and I'll say it again......I miss just as many 2 footers w/ my $230 Never Compromise, as I do w/ my $20 Ray Cook.... Marketing, Marketing, Marketing.....these guys are good at telling us we need a certain putter. Bottom line buy what you want, all putters are equal IMO. This is somewhat irrelevant but, I didn't buy a Cameron because like you said everyone has one. Most people buy them because they are the "in" thing. I have never been this type of person so why start now.
  14. That's why I change so often, my hands are normally really dry. Having that connected feeling gives me a a lot more confidence during setup. The one thing nice about the PCI's, is that I can play w/o a glove and still feel connected.
  15. I agree with you, since cutting my driver down to 44" I have lost a little distance, but I am happier in the fairway than playing from under the trees. I average 210-225 on drives, second shots are a lot easier from that nice manicured lie.
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