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  1. Thanks for all the tips and advice everyone it has helped alot. After a few hours at the range and course i think I'm on the right track to curing this. I've worked on keeping my posture and balance throughout my swing as I noticed I was falling back on my heels a lot at impact, I've also moved the ball back a fraction in my stance and worked on my takeaway as this felt like I was lifting the club up rather than swinging it. Hopefully with more time I'll cure this top shot completely.
  2. Hi all Over the past week I have started topping the ball on 90% of my shots subsequently shooting my worst rounds since starting the game. The trouble is I'm not sure what I'm doing different, my playing partner says my swing looks the same to him. When I do hit a good shot the swing doesn't feel different to when I top it. I don't know where to start to rectify it does anyone have any suggestions of causes and fixes please.
  3. used to use interlock but I tried overlap a couple of months ago and have shot my best rounds, overlap seems to give me a more secure hold with my left hand. Experiment with it see what works better for you.
  4. I don't hit as far as my playing partners either but I have noticed that they take driver I take 5 wood there is only 10 or 20 or so yards between us but i tend to have a full shot to the green where they are between clubs. I also have a target area off the tee and so on, where as a lot of guys I play with just go out to smash it as far as they can every time. Best thing I was told 'its not how, its how many'
  5. A guy I play with is always taking his 64 degree lob wedge from 90 - 100 yards knocking it 150 yards up into the air and 40 yards forwards then looks at me in shock and disgust as I pull either my wedge or 9 iron and stick it on the green. I am guilty of clubbing for getting on the green and not taking into account the distance to the flag - best advice I was given was whatever club I thought take 1 more, so if I thought 8 iron take a 7 iron, it works well for me too.
  6. played today shot my personal best of 99, didn't struggle so much on the back 9, I've also lost 5 and a half pounds coincidence??
  7. I broke 100 today 45 out 54 in OK so its 99 not a massive low score but I still set my new PB and that includes a 9 and an 8 on my card so I'm very happy
  8. I'm using a 3hybrid and a 5wood both the same loft but the 5 wood has a lightly longer shaft and i get subsequently get more distance from it than the 3 hybrid, but then again i hit the hybrid from the fairway far better, as others have said its more about what your comfortable with.
  9. shot my best front 9, 45out 63 in - 108 with a 10 a 9 and a dropped ball and a lot of 3 putts on the back. And I left my driver in the car so hit a lots less bad shots
  10. I left my driver in my car yesterday and played my 3 wood or 3 hybrid off the tee's, what I lost in distance with them I gained in accuracy, more so with the 3 hybrid. If I take my driver which is very inconsistent i can hit dead straight 230+ yards or slight fade 200 yards or a really wild slice more often than not resulting in lost balls or dropped shots from bad positions, what i noticed with the 3 wood was my bad shots were not resulting in lost balls and were keeping me in play more. I plan to work on my driver consistency at the range and play my 3 wood for the time being.
  11. Thanks for all the replies some good tips here that I'm certainly taking on board. Fluids wise I'm drinking a 500ml isotonic drink throughout the round, I do quite a lot of walking as we have a recently got a puppy so we'll be increasing the distance we can walk together. I'm working on getting my weight down, but generally have struggled with motivation, but now I've set myself a goal of losing around a stone by the end of this year, playing to my handicap (28) more consistently and getting it down, and entering competitions at my club. If i could play the back 9 to the same standard as t
  12. Hi all I play a full 18 holes once a week, the course where i play has a relatively flat front 9 followed by a very hilly and undulating back 9 which also has 4 of the most difficult holes on the course. Problem is I struggle with stamina and feel quite fatigued on the back 9 which noticeably costs me shots. I know i could stand to lose a few pounds but what can i do to increase my general golf fitness. Also what mid round 'snacks' are good for fuel
  13. Hi All I'm a warehouse worker in england. just returned to playing golf last year after a 7 year break.
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