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  1. If your looking for a low ball flight...then you bought the right shaft. It is one of the lowest I've hit. I liked it a lot (especially on dry, hard fairways). As far as getting it pured, personally I couldn't tell you whether or not it's worth the extra $$ you spend to have it done. I have hit a pured shaft, but not a pured and non-pure shaft of the same brand, so I can't help you out there.
  2. Golf all day for $20 including cart (with my college id)
  3. My friend plays nike slingshots and likes them...personally i've never played them though. I have some cleveland cg4's (3-PW) i'm looking to get rid of...very similar to the cg golds (cg golds actually replaced them). They are very forgiving, have a great feel to them, and allow some playability for when you get better. Got me from around a 30 handicap to a 15.
  4. here is the link http://thesandtrap.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13133 the cg4's are probably largely responsible for going from my 30 handicap to my 15ish one now...i would highly recommend them.
  5. I probably have just what you need if your interested...I have a set of Cleveland CG4's that I "grew out of", and I highly recommend them. They are great irons, but I've improved my handicap to the point where I want something with a little more workability rather than forgiveness. I have them posted on here in marketplace if you want to check them out. They are the best irons that I have owned to this point (haven't played my 755's yet since I got them a couple days ago).
  6. Based on the handicap listed...I would definitely not recommend the 690 or 695's as they are more of a player's club. If you really want titleist then I would recommend that you look into the 775's or the 755's as they are for more mid to high handicapper's. What is your price range?
  7. here is the link to the sandtrap's review http://thesandtrap.com/equipment/clu...5_irons_review
  8. purdue student eh? me too. i am actually working at the championship on friday and saturday...anyone else going to be there?
  9. I would suggest the burner woods...the head is generally larger than the competitors...but I would say the face isn't much larger. It's great off the tee and off the deck, and very forgiving. Definitely one of the best purchases I have made. Here is the link if you want to check out the specs: http://www.taylormadegolf.com/produc...il.asp?pID=169
  10. I doubt that it is callaway's fault that it is late...Besides, from NC to CA, should be at least 3 days before they get it (unless of course you/they sent it express or overnight).
  11. I have the G10 and I was pretty impressed with the stock shaft. With a swing speed of 104 you should be fine. Ball flight was more of a mid flight for me. My swing speed is slightly less than 104, and I didn't have any problems whatsoever. However, I am going to the V2 for a little less torque and slightly higher launch.
  12. As far as the burn in on the plasmas, most of the newer model plasmas have a feature that "alternates pixels" every few seconds in order to prevent burn in...I know that Samsung has this feature and it works very well. From my experience with both, plasma has the better picture imho, as well as a wider view angle. As of now it really just depends on the size of the television you want to purchase as the plasma's are only in 42" or larger. I also read earlier that someone said not to buy a plasma if your going to play video games. I'm assuming the reason they said this is because unless your watching a movie/tv/playing a video game in HD, then the picture is not much better (if not worse) than on a standard tube television. This is in part because of the large screen size, and also just because everything is going digital, so they are building these newer plasma TV's for digital. A good example of this would be that a PS2's picture on a plasma is not all that great. But the Xbox 360 (because of the HD capabilities) is amazing. I don't know if LCD's are the same as plasmas in this aspect or not. To sum up, a plasma screen in HD is simply breathtaking (especially for watching golf )
  13. I had the exact same thing happen with my Ping G10, and they did the same thing. I haven't contacted them back about not fixing the scuff, but my scuff doesn't look too bad I guess (it only hit the path once). They did replace the shaft with n/c other than the fact I had to pay $8 to ship it there. Should I contact them and try to get it fixed (it happened about a month ago)?
  14. Here is a good place to get some refinished golf balls... http://rockbottomgolf.com/titleistgolfballs.html I bought callaway hx hot balls refinished like these and was very happy with them...plus at about $15 a dozen for pro v1x's you can't really go wrong.
  15. I'm working at the NCAA Men's Championship...not a PGA event, but should see some excellent golf.
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