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  1. iceman777

    Golf Goggles/Glasses

    Ill try a new setup , but I think Ill still try a new pair as well
  2. iceman777

    Golf Goggles/Glasses

    Thanks all for the responses . My current glasses are on the small frame size . I will definitely check out sports glasses with larger frames , probably sunglasses . Oakley seems to fit the bill , though kind of expensive .
  3. iceman777

    Golf Goggles/Glasses

    I find as I am getting older , I need to wear glasses while playing . Can't find a pair of glasses/goggles that have frames that extend down enough, so when I look at the ball,I.m not looking below the frame . Any suggestions on where to shop? Thanks
  4. iceman777

    Joining A "No Match" league

    I can understand how some like the competition , but for me , golf is simply me against the course . All the local leagues are handicap leagues . Never could understand , how if Im playing a guy who gives me 6 strokes , and I shoot a 50 for nine and he shoots a 45 , I "win' with the strokes . its ridiculous . I won nothing . Just want to play with guys who might have similar handicaps and be the best I can be . Don't care what you shoot .
  5. I have a tendency of leaving all putts off to the right . Played a round alone the other day , and for the heck of it , I tried setting up with the ball off the heel of the putter . Amazing . I single putted the last 4 holes . It was helping later on the practice green as well . Any ideas on why this happens? Thanks
  6. iceman777

    Joining A "No Match" league

    Im a 22 handicap . Would like to join or start a "for fun"league in RI . Just want to play 9 holes a week and don't care about matches with handicaps etc . Any ideas on how to go about joining or starting such a local league ? None of my friends play and all the local public courses seem to just have the competitive type leagues. thanks
  7. iceman777

    Marker Size

    Is there any rule regarding what can be used for a marker, or the size of a marker ? I recently played with someone whose marker was the size of a bag tag. I don't like to even use a quarter , thinking its too big and would interfere with the ball's direction, if the ball passed over it . I try to use a dime if I dont have a "traditional" pro shop type marker . Of course , as a senior , its no fun when I cant find that dime on the green . LOL
  8. iceman777

    My Odd Takeaway

    thanks for the reply . I am just amazed at how such an unconventional approach makes me such a better ball striker . It seems contrary to everything Ive been taught . At first I thought the swing would send my ball into the next county . I guess all that matters is how you eventually get the club to the ball .
  9. iceman777

    My Odd Takeaway

    My game went into the dumpster a few weeks ago , so I went to the range to start from scratch . For some reason I experimented with starting my swing by simply cocking my wrists straightupward , without turning , with the clubhead crossing over the target line , at like a 45 degree angle..Almost simultaneously , I begin to turn the shoulders and go .I have been striking the ball better than.ever, and even started taking divots .I always had a very late wrist cock and was prone to casting . Could it be this unorthodox approach is just creating more lag ? thanks .
  10. I have a painful left hip.I know the conventional wisdom calls for much weight on the left foot when chipping , but if I do this during a round, I'm in a lot of pain for the next 2 days . Does anyone have any alternative,and if I simply try to keep the weight evenly distributed , should I make any other changes? I try to keep the hands slightly ahead of the ball, and play the ball back in stance . thanks
  11. iceman777

    Close to giving up the game!

    Ive never been a good golfer . About 7 years or so . I was shooting about 43-48 for nine . I could be fine with that . Over the last few years ., Ive been getting progressively worse . It got so bad on father's day weekend , when I played with my son , I put the clubs in the trunk and swore it was over . Instead I told my weekly playing partner I needed to stay off the course if this was going to work . I went to the range about twice a week and started from scratch : my grip , how far I was standing from the ball , my spine angle at setup , etc . I found I was falling forward on my toes in the downswing , hitting everything low and right .I looked at a Steve Stricker slow motion swing video and concentrated on a minimal body movement swing . Im hitting it much better and now just slow down , set up correctly , and go . Stay with it . Sometimes we just need a break .
  12. Harveys ,give the eyes closed routine a shot , or just try keeping them closed at least until you have started the downswing . It eliminates concentrating on hitting the BALL
  13. Was at the range yesterday . Have yips with driver , from the top of backswing . . After being on the forum , decided not to focus on the ball . Took one practice swing . Smooth of course . Then set up to the ball , looked at a spot about one foot in front of the ball ( as a trigger ) . . Then , with eyes open , started backswing . After taking arms back about quarter way through , closed my eyes and kept them closed through the rest of backswing AND down through the ball . Hit , the longest , straightest drives in 5 years . Of course , since I didn't want anyone to see me hitting with eyes closed , I wore sunglasses . lol. Hope I have the guts to try this on the course .
  14. iceman777

    Side-saddle chipping?

    I tried this method yesterday at the practice range . Surprised at how well it worked . I have a tendency to skull it , and this prevented most bad shots . Playing today .Will try on the course . The only thing I noticed was it seemed to really bother my bad back and left hip .
  15. iceman777

    Bad Hip and Golf

    Thanks Steve . Glad you're doing well . Right now I can live with the pain .It hurts the most after I play golf , but is tolerable .. I just feel that until I really find the pain and disruption of lifestyle too much to take , I'll wait on surgery . The time out of work , horror stories about contracting hospital infections , and the hope that the techniques will continue to improve as each year passes , have caused me to hold off . Thnaks again

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