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  1. Are the non polarized prism glasses better for golf than polarized?
  2. thanks very much Looks like Oakley is the consensus choice
  3. I can't play with my regular distance glasses, as when I look down the lenses aren't big enough, so when Im looking down , the frame is too narrow. Any ideas on a good brand to use on the course,,sunglasses or regular? May a goggle type ? Thanks
  4. I'm turning 70 and my swing speed is low 80's. Recently bought a low torque shaft ( ust mamiya gold 65) hybrid and got some great results distance wise. Was thinking of reshafting my driver. I usually hit driver a total of 190 yards, with a tendency to go left. Any benefit to a lower torque shaft? thanks
  5. Bought the HB soft putter and although I only got to use it once due to winter, loved it. Biggest difference was, because of the milled face , any off center hits still had a chance. Cant wait for spring.
  6. Posted this in another topic. I was hitting shots as well as possible, when out of the blue, I started hitting ,irons especially, low and right. Finally figured it out. When I started my backswing, I was turning my hands and wrists over, causing an open clubface at contact, and the low, right shots. I simply start my backswing thinking turn shoulders , and keep the hands/wrists steady on the way back. Bingo.. Worth a try. Good luck
  7. Horrible problem would develop with my irons ,coming from nowhere. After fitting high, soaring iron shots, all of a sudden Im hitting low dying quails, way right, almost , you know ,sh...ks After going over every aspect of my swing, I found that the reason I would suddenly go bad was I was rolling my hands on my takeaway. At the range yesterday , concentrated on turning my shoulders and not rolling hands over , and most iron shots were great. What a game.
  8. Played essentially 2 public courses for 20 years, 9 holes a week ,with one buddy. His golf interest waned, so I joined a private club. Only golf, you can walk, and it's really 2 completely different setups, front and back. I joined a league, met many good guys, and now play about 36 holes a week. Nice practice ranges have enabled me to improve a lot. No waiting or backups, with pristine condition. Only a very few aholes, easily avoided . I guess it depends on how serious you are about the game. Personally, I should have done it years ago.
  9. Ill try a new setup , but I think Ill still try a new pair as well
  10. Thanks all for the responses . My current glasses are on the small frame size . I will definitely check out sports glasses with larger frames , probably sunglasses . Oakley seems to fit the bill , though kind of expensive .
  11. I find as I am getting older , I need to wear glasses while playing . Can't find a pair of glasses/goggles that have frames that extend down enough, so when I look at the ball,I.m not looking below the frame . Any suggestions on where to shop? Thanks
  12. I can understand how some like the competition , but for me , golf is simply me against the course . All the local leagues are handicap leagues . Never could understand , how if Im playing a guy who gives me 6 strokes , and I shoot a 50 for nine and he shoots a 45 , I "win' with the strokes . its ridiculous . I won nothing . Just want to play with guys who might have similar handicaps and be the best I can be . Don't care what you shoot .
  13. I have a tendency of leaving all putts off to the right . Played a round alone the other day , and for the heck of it , I tried setting up with the ball off the heel of the putter . Amazing . I single putted the last 4 holes . It was helping later on the practice green as well . Any ideas on why this happens? Thanks
  14. Im a 22 handicap . Would like to join or start a "for fun"league in RI . Just want to play 9 holes a week and don't care about matches with handicaps etc . Any ideas on how to go about joining or starting such a local league ? None of my friends play and all the local public courses seem to just have the competitive type leagues. thanks
  15. Is there any rule regarding what can be used for a marker, or the size of a marker ? I recently played with someone whose marker was the size of a bag tag. I don't like to even use a quarter , thinking its too big and would interfere with the ball's direction, if the ball passed over it . I try to use a dime if I dont have a "traditional" pro shop type marker . Of course , as a senior , its no fun when I cant find that dime on the green . LOL
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