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  1. Yeah - I forgot about smartphones have an inclinometer. The iPhone definitely has one and has a leveling app that cannot be removed so I guess they are still illegal... along with most smartphones I'd imagine.
  2. But it is a change. Before, if your phone had a compass, it could not be used as a DMD (as you can see from the flow chart above). It now can be used from January on provided it does not have any other method of measurement or gauging.
  3. Yeah, I got the same look. The reasons I did not call it a provisional were... 1) I would not have been able to get 2 club lengths or drop back in a line with the flag and point where ball lay. So I would have had to walk back to the tee to take unplayable relief had I found it. 2) I was just pi$$ed with that particular hole after hitting bad tee shots to it 3 weeks in a row. Needed to hit the green to get it out of my system
  4. Thanks John ... I thought I was. It really pissed me off though because he was very insistent. What made it worse was that he was off 2 - so he should have known better.
  5. So I was playing in a comp this morning - on a short par 3 proceeded to hit a horror short right into bushes. I played a 2nd ball and specifically did NOT call it a provisional - rending my first ball lost. As I was walking up to the green - I had a quick look in the bush for my first lost ball so I could just stick it back in the bag if I found it. But my playing partner stated "If you find it, you have to play it" - I replied that that isn't the case because I did not call my 2nd ball a "provisional". He retorted that it didn't matter. I was correct.... right?
  6. No I haven't but I will give it a go. I'm sure it might be hard to find the correct department of Ping.
  7. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone knows of somewhere/someone to get a valuation done on a rare putter? I posted the topic on an Irish golf forum but I'm seeking more information here. The putter is Ping Karsten Slazenger Jack Nicklaus (How many names can you get on one putter ) and I have been told it is very rare and worth some money. It is basically identical to this except that mine does not have the words "ping" and "anser" on the trailing edge. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.d...m=390448010857 Here are some photos of mine:
  8. Indeed, the wording is slightly vague. So for the rule to apply in my case, we have to presume that the "act of marking the ball" includes the removal of the said marker. This is exactly what I meant. The ball infact only moved a dimple but enough that I felt I had to call it. Thanks for all the replies.
  9. Yeah and the intuition definitely cost me today. Lesson learnt however. I just remembered Padraig Harrington getting disqualified for this a few years ago but because he signed for the wrong score and they said it should have been a 2 stroke penalty. Makes sense to be able to replace without penalty though if no benefit has been gained.
  10. So I should have just rolled the ball back slightly to its original position and would not have got a penalty. Even still, I should have only penalized myself 1 stroke for not replacing it. Lesson learned. Wouldn't mind but I had putted it in for a birdie 2. Sigh.
  11. Hi folks, first post so hopefully you will be able to provide some info. So I was a little bit careless today in replacing my ball and lifting the marker and as a result, when I lifted the marker up my finger slightly brushed off the ball causing it to move ever so slightly. I stupidly continued to putt out and then called a penalty on myself of which I concluded it to be 2 strokes. 1 stroke for the initial moving of the ball when it wasnt marked and the 2nd stroke for not replacing the ball. Was this correct? Thanks
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