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  1. Course looks deserted; do they let people walk the grounds?
  2. Congrats to Canadian rookie Mackenzie Hughes who goes wire to wire, with a 61 to boot!
  3. Yeah, but it's okay to hit it OB!...
  4. Trying out for MLB seems a popular choice.
  5. For about a year now I've played Titleist 714 MB's, and in my mind it is the perfect iron. After using eye 2, TM 300 forged CB's and TM TP MC's I find I can focus better looking down at a small blade with little to no offset and my swing is better. The results are better too. The funny thing is I was apprehensive at first about playing real blades since every review says don't even try unless you play to under 2 or 3. Well I'm a very long way away from that, and the 714 MB's have improved my iron play significantly.
  6. So let me get this straight: Friday he was all set to play, but over the week-end realized that his short game sucks to the point that being seen pitching and chipping in public would be a major embarrassment and deal a cruel blow to his ego?
  7. I was joking, but the PGA of America is the organizer. UK, Australia and Canada have their own PGA's, and then there's the BMW PGA Championship on the Euro Tour.
  8. Point taken... The U.S. - Canada World Series then!..
  9. Best golf I've ever seen!.... And folks, this is The Open, not the British Open. Do you call The World Series The U.S. World Series?
  10. Just a thought: are these guys skipping the Olympics so they don't have to submit to performance enhancing drug tests?
  11. Not really, Koepka put his tee shot in the water and that was that. Then, to make it worse, hit what looked like the wrong club from the drop zone to leave it short of the green. Garcia held steady for par to win.
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