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  1. Waterbottle (Australia gets hot!) Lip Balm Divot Tool Sunscreen Mobile Phone (CLUBS?)
  2. These look amazing! I think the best irons since the RAC MB TP SMOKES!
  3. Personally, I would recommend the 907D2. I had it in the bag for 3 years (which is long for me!!!). I had it with a 76gram v2 shaft in it and found it an amazing combo (for me). Allow just the right balance of forgiveness and workability. I demoed the Dymo. Didnt think much of it at all. Visually, it looked closed to me. Although with the Str8-fit, you could open up a bit (in theory). The noise was a bit 'empty' too. Even off flushed drives, I didnt get that sound to indicate it was a good shot, even though it was. probably why the Dymo Drivers haven't featured in the tour bags (except the t
  4. My brother is on to his 3rd set of these (maybe even 4th now that I think of it) and cant get enough of them! He has to troll eBay in order to find mint sets. They are still out there and I highly recommend. The 755's are amazing too. I used to play these several years ago.
  5. I have a XCG Driver and it is by far one of the longest, best feeling drivers i've ever hit. I have hit the xcg fairway too, fantastic, nice launch. I was going to buy but, resisted due to the cost. I recently demo'ed their Spin wedges and they seemed great (even off the mats at my local range). Havent yet hit their irons though. But their woods are amazing.
  6. Not necessarily Mazza. For example, all of my irons are standard length with 1 deg upright. I always putted with a 35 degree putter until 4 years ago when i was fitted. Turns out a needed a 34 degree putter with 1.5 degrees FLAT. So irons and putters are two totally different worlds in terms of correct fitting. Note i'm right on 6' tall.
  7. I wouldnt even bother trying to learn off blades although, there are many golfers who started off doing so (IACAS i believe!?), technology should be treated as your friend and as a 12 marker, i dont recommend them at all. Most GI irons are very workable now (look at Ping I's, Callaway x22/Diablo Forged etc)!! There is no doubt that blades are more workable to the very low marker (who hits the ball in the centre most of the time) but, they will not give you one bit of forgiveness on off centre hits. Chris
  8. It totally depends on the face depth of your driver and generally the loft. if your playing a 10.5 and your driver is 400cc im taking a guess and saying that it is relatively deep (please correct me otherwise). There is an old saying that the further the ball is from the centre of the stance, the higher up the tee should be. What is your normal ball position? I may a natural draw, i have my ball 3 balls from the centre of my stance and only really tee the ball up about 1.25 inches from the ground. if im playing a cut or fade, i will tee it up about .5" higher and move it further toward my left
  9. you are a 1.2 marker and your asking us for suggestions based on a few vague parameters?
  10. Hi guys, Just thought I'd post a pic of what is currently in my quiver at the moment. Hopefully you guys will be able to post your bag/club pics in reply too. nb: Driver and 4 Iron are out of the bag, as they are still in car after the range this afternoon. Would appreciate your comments! and would be happy to answer any questions!! Cheers!
  11. I have mine tipped to 44.25". Have tried my shafts longer but find my accuracy wavers. I'd much rather be 10 yards back and on the fairway, than, 10 yards further and in the rough (or trees, or even water!). just my opinion.
  12. any game improvement clubs. try not to get sucked into getting irons you see in play on the tour/s. it will only lead to tears and frustration. callaway big berthas ping g5, g10s are great to learn on
  13. For that price point > check out the UST AxivCore range. Also, the Aldila DVS/Voodoo range too. I tested them a few mths ago and Im looking to put my Driver > Hybrid all in AxivCore as soon as I get back from overseas.
  14. i know that iacas has strong view on this. I know in his not too recent interview with bob vokey, the man himself suggests that your mid to high handicapper leave out a 60 degree wedge. I would have to agree with him on that one. In short, the higher the loft the harder to hit consistently. I would suggest picking up a 54 and 58 wedge combination. or even a 52 and 56 combination to start with. As many guys will mention, a lot of the wedges these days look almost ideal. with Clevelands CG's, Mizunos MP-Ts, Vokeys and Taylor Made RAC TP's looking almost identical in DNA as each other. I have
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