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  1. Set a backyard practice area up for £30. Have a driving range 1/2 mile down the road but kids and a wife means that even that is a stretch to get to. The important thing to remember is don't waste your time getting an expensive kevlar ( if they make em ) type net. I went through 2 nets in a matter of days. A net has to soak a lot of forces when a golf ball hits it, esp if it is tight. What I did was took the two nets I busted put them on top of each other like you would with two tee shirts say. Presto. Sum of the parts is greater. I haven't put a ball through it in 3 years. And the n
  2. I have given up on my driver, RIP. It got subbed last dady on the 10 Tee box after a 10 over front nine. Drives were that skewed I saw parts of the course I never knew existed. My 3H Diablo came off the bench and did the job. 7 out of 7 fairways hit and just went long on one par 3. Dropped just one stroke over the back nine and that bogey was not because of a lack of distance but just a poor 8 Iron in. The way I see it is I'm getting greedy again. Confidence is back. I get approx 200 yrds with the 3H but if I could push it out and get 210, maybe 215 it would be leaving me with a lot more b
  3. True, I always wait if the group is just at the limit of my tee shot distance. I know from experience there is nothing worse than playing an approach shot and hear a "thump" behind you as some clown has just teed off while I am about to shoot my second. And if I'm on the tee box and think if I hit my career shot here then I could hit those guys in front then I wait. No point in being afraid of hitting a good drive. However, when a golfer has just "Nailed" a 200 yarder off the tee and he goes up to his ball for the second shot, then simple laws of physics kick in. You can break most laws
  4. clarkgriswold hit it on the nail. The guy that hits it out 180yrd on a par 5 then waits for green to clear before hitting his next 350yrd 3 wood is the type of golfer I can't hack. And D-Man is spot on as well with the guys that play with dimpled golden nuggets. They hit a ball OOB and proceed to follow it. Courses are to blame here for allowing gaps in their perimiter that encourages guys to go looking for balls they have hit OOB. Am I correct in saying that according to the rules of golf you are qutomatically disqualified from a competition if you leave the course ie go to retriev
  5. As an ex weekly golfer that can't hack 5hr+ games of golf who thinks this would work in club golf. Bit like you have for speed control on a road except in reverse. Every 4 ball is clocked out, at a given time, then they're told, see ye back in the clubhouse at 4Hr from now. If not then ye're disqualified unless the 4 ball directly infront of ye did not make it back in the desired time. Then the other 3 guys in the group are your time keepers and vice versa. If that's too fast for your pace then yopu could have different blocks of Tee times say 10Am to 11Am where the alloted time
  6. Hmmm, this thread is a great laugh. Guys getting all worked up about whither they are up against legal equipment or not. What is needed IMHO is more illegal equipment for all the hackers that I see out every day holding up play so they can actually get a round in under 5 hrs. I've had to stop playing weekly golf 2 years ago because I simply don't have the time to spend over 5 hrs on a course on a Sat morning and playing at sunrise before the hackers get out is not an option either. It wouldn't bother me in the least if I play the round of my career and get beat by a guy with a 10ft putter, g
  7. My swing has gone under the knife with my golf Instructor big time this year and finally startinig to see the benefits on the course. The "hope I don't duff this one with my mates looking" feeling is being replaced with "I hope them boys are looking when I nail this f**ker" Out on the course last evening and I was hitting some decent drives but all were starting straight, going a bit too high and fading right 10 or 20 yrds. I play the ball for my driver in a straight line with the inside of my left foot as per my golf instructor but noticed that when I have my hands level with the inside o
  8. Is there much benefit to be gained from paying for a fitting session and then going off any buying a second hand club off ebay that suits the reccomendations the fitter gives me or does it have to be the latest and greatest driver I get to gain the most benefit? $$$ is the problem and I don't have the cash to justify spending it on a brand new driver if I can gain almost as much from buying the correct driver but a used one instead. My Pro tells me that my swing speed of 102 and distance of 220 - 230 simply does not add up and that the problem he thinks is the shaft. I'm currently playing
  9. I have 2 Cally hybrids, Diablo edge 21* and 27*. The lowest one only goes to 18 Deg but I was hoping to get something a bit lower. Any one reccomend a similar club but in a slightly lower loft? 15 or 16* would be good.
  10. I have used a friends club http://thesandtrap.com/products/callaway-diablo-edge-3-hybrid-regular-right-handed-graphite/owners/ and after a bucket of what I would consider perfect shots by my own standard I have to get one. Problem is every site seems to be selling Lefty ones. I only see the Tour version in the config I want. What is the diff do you think between a tour version vs a standard version of this club?
  11. I wouldn't hit 20 onto a green or hit off a fairway, just off to the side. I only count the first ball I hit if I'm trying to mark a score on a hole if I'm on my own or maybe play 3 ball, worst ball. ie 3 off the tee and play my next shot from the position of the worst of the 3 I just hit
  12. Wanted to get this one off my chest. What is it about golfers that some people will do a full practice round on their own with just 1 ball? Out yesterday evening and saw two guys on their own hacking away ( I'm no tiger myself ) with just one ball. Hit it 100 yrds, find it, hit again.... and so on. Any sport I have ever played like soccer for instance, you don't practice your free taking by playing 90mins and hoping there'll be one or 2 frees over the course of the 90 mins that you can practice with? My practice session involve 20 balls off the tee, maybe counting just the first b
  13. lol, yea, I might go for it. The only saving grace was I was on a $hit card at that point. 17th hole. Would have killed me to have a Hex Bogey ( If that's the word ) when I was the right side of 3 or 4 over
  14. Can anyone top this. 110 yrd par 3. On in one, 40 ft from pin, downhill putt. my putt went past the hole and trickled off the green into a bunker. Fluffed my first shot out. Next attempt clunked it and into water on opposite side. Water drop. Chipped on and 3 putted. I near cried :(
  15. Few threads on this but didn't see any with a poll. Just interested in seeing what the general golfing public do.
  16. Easier to get the wrists hinged and loaded with the wrists in a weak position. But with this new grip now in it's 4th week with me it still feels damm strange.
  17. Right handed. The new grip has seriously improved my ball flight. Almost no tendency to slice or fade, almost always a draw as it's so much easier to get the club closed. It's just my thumbs keep wanting to do somethinig but the instructor tells me to try and keep them out of the equation.
  18. Just started with a new instructor and he has tore into my grip. Really weakened it ( both hands over to the right ) so much so that now my thumbs feel as if they have no purpose. That said the results are slowly starting to improve as I try to stick with the new grip till it feels more natural. Any one find they're thumbs take a more passive role and barely touch the club. Same goes for my right index finger, it's barely on the club. All my grip strenght is through the two middle fingers of both hands. I use the overlapping grip
  19. I had a prolaunch red Stiff in my Cobra 9.5 Deg driver up to last. Had a fairways hit % around 60 - 70 % and averaging around 240 yrds so was very content with that. Then on the 1st tee last weekend I took my driver out and when I looked down at the head the face was looking up at me. Seems something fell on my golf bag and the driver head took the brunt of it. So off I go to get a new shaft and for the hell of it I said I would try the prolaunch blue stiff. Hits the ball higher for more carry I think I read but wanted to try something different anyways. So put the shaft on and out of the
  20. Well that was my original guess was that once you declare a lost ball, hit your replacement ball then it does not matter if you find the original ball or not. It's the kind of problem I would like to have a lot more of but I can't see it happen again for the rest of my golfing career :) Interesting that the majority of answers here contradicted the offical rule saevel25 listed. I wonder how many times have people declared a lost ball, hit their replacement ball and then find their original ball 50 yrds further up the fairway and say "great, found my ball, that 2nd ball I hit doesn't c
  21. Had the pleasure last sunday of dropping a 140 yarder into the hole. Unfortunately I didn't get to see it on it's way. Anyways what I was wondered was the following. I played my approach from behind a hill and none of my playing buddies had a view of the green. I caught her well but figured it would not have carried the rough that was on my line. Got down to the green and rooted around for a few mins before I was just about to make the trek back to rehit when one of the other guys spotted my ball in the hole. Happy days. However, what would have happened if I had declared a lost bal
  22. Missed my regular 4 ball on Saturday so slotted in with 3 other guys. One of them looked like he wouldn't make it past the first tee never mind play a full round. How wrong was I and even more so when he hit his first ball. I started to notice his pre shot routine and asked him about it. It didn't involve a practice swing of sorts. Just a full backswing and slowly lowered the club till it was parallel to the ground and then he checked his hips were clear wrists were still cocked, leading edge of club was almost vertical, club approaching ball slightly on the inside etc. He would do this t
  23. Yea, that old trick of putting the marker infront of the ball and then replacing the ball in front of the marker I see popped up in this thread. I had my fill of this guy that used to do that and felt like pulling him on it. I didn't but the next time I played with him I availed of some covert mobile phone footage. I pulled him on it and of course he denied it. It was not somethiing he was doing out of habit because he only ever did it for the 2 footers. Obviously not much to be gained on a 20ft putt. I just played on and let him sign for his card before I played the footage back to the han
  24. No, my clubs were the latest flavour of the Wilsons when I got them. Bought them new in AmericanGolf at the start of 2009
  25. DBuck ..... I'm 5' 11" Avg build, Avg weight. I've been accused of having an ungodly slow back swing with a slight pause at the transition but in my mind it's the down swing that I usually hit the ball with so it's not the slow backswing that's the problem. My irons are the Wilson Fat Shaft, Don't know if they're regular or stiff or anything. I just picked them off the shelf 2 yrs ago. They're the only clubs I have ever bought, everything else are hand me downs. My controlled driver swing speed was measured at just over 100 and the sim was telling me I'm getting 260yrd ( Big lie there to
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