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  1. Tiger Woods -11 Keegan Bradley -7 Bo Van Pelt -5
  2. I'm no expert, but I can point out what is most likely the main thing causing you to hit the ball fat. You are swaying your hips during your backswing, essentially moving behind the ball. This makes it harder to hit the ball first and then the ground. On the way back, focus more on winding your hips, instead of moving them. Then, on the way through, unwind and maybe move just a little forward so you hit slightly down on the ball. All in all, great looking swing for a new player!
  3. I'll let you find the problem with that solution.
  4. I agree that it is in really poor taste. I am sure that every other single person in the raffle is suspecting that your wife rigged it. I mean, it's cool that you got those things but it definitely looks suspicious.
  5. Nice looking swing, but I think you take the club back faster than you take it through.
  6. Before anyone else gets a chance to, I'll just tell you that bumping a thread like this will do you no good. People don't do this for a living, so they help people when they get a chance too. Now, I'm no expert so I try not to give advice, but, it seems that he is coming over the top and his backswing location is just off.
  7. Staying down on the shot through impact. I just cannot keep myself from jumping up. This is large due to the fact that my hips and lower body move closer to the ball... grr.
  8. Check out the "quickie pitching video" thread as well. I did, and it has helped me quite a bit. I at least feel that I now know what to do, it is just a matter of actually executing. Thanks again.
  9. Oh, so you're telling me on these pitch shots I'm not supposed to hit it with the blade and send it 30-40 yards beyond the green? Interesting, I never realized this fact. No, actually, sometimes I can hit a glorious pitch that lifts the ball way up in the air, but it just makes me so nervous because of the risk involved. Either way, this is a very helpful video, thanks for it.
  10. I don't remember hitting a terrible shot with my pitching wedge. Weird, because I can sure shank a sand wedge or a gap wedge.
  11. I am no where near good at this game, but there are a couple things that just stick right out to me. The main thing is that your back swing is faster than your swing, which doesn't do much in the way of going solidly through the ball. Slow your backswing down, it doesn't help to do that part quickly. Also, I think you might have some plane issues. It seems like your are having to lift the club up quite a bit in your backswing, rather than allowing the club to effortlessly float up by rotating it with your shoulders. I have a hard time explaining that second part but my instructor pointed it ou
  12. I am absolutely not an expert, but I can tell that you have way more knee bend than would be recommended. Is it possible that the clubs are not the correct length for you? All in all, your swing looks pretty good for someone who is just starting, to me, anyway.
  13. This thread is from 2004 and the OP hasn't logged on since June 2011....
  14. Hunter Mahan -8 Kevin Na -6 Bo Van Pelt -5
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