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  1. Do many of you put extra layers of tape on your bottom hand to slow down a pull or hook? Been trying extra tape on the outside of my grip.....seems to make my left thumb tighter to the inside of my right hand on the backswing. Grip feels stronger. Trying this with a reg grip...don't know if this would work as well with a midsize grip.
  2. I want to add some weight to my Razor Hawk driver. Instead of lead tape I want to use a coin. I use a quarter on my fairway woods which is about 5 grams (works perfect for me). I would like to know what a nickel weighs so I can add it to my driver head..(instead of strips of lead tape).I would guess around 3 grams. A quarter feels to heavy on the driver head. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for the input...Will be testing the new Calloways this week.....Looking forward to your tests too.
  4. A friend of mine just got one and is hitting it very well. ...the best I have seen him hit a driver. Anyone impressed with it or just another new driver?
  5. Thanks to all for your input........I putted great today with the extra weight on the putter. I will now look for replacement weights.....need two 16 gram weights....any suggestions where to buy them cheap???....ebay?........instead of buying the Taylor made screw removal tool..is there a drill bit that works??
  6. I want to add weight to my Goast Spider putter. It came with two four gram weight in it. Before I buy new weights for it I added 2 quarters to each side of the putter...It now feels perfect to me.........I taped them on......If I know how much the quarters weight then I can buy the correct replacement weights...........8 or 12 grams etc....thanks in advance.........
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