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  1. I shot a 59 today, my best ever, most likely because I hit the ball straighter than you
  2. Stack and tilt is a gimmick, and a garbage swing
  3. Oh and by the way....the vardon grip is overrated, BIGTIME
  4. LOL look at all the pissed off people, lol don't worry about it people and stop getting pissy, that's a old video and blahblahblah, it's not your fault your ignorant about how to consistently hit the golf ball straight as an arrow, its just that you never taught yourselves the basics, stop putting too much thought into the swing, thats your problem, and thats a big paycheck for instructors. Keep shellin out your dough keep GUESSING at what you're doing wrong....."well, maybe if I do this I can cure my slice lmao" not gonna ever happen until you learn the right way. And YES it is ridiculously easy to do. And to the guy blabbin about the 2 iron shots lmfao, those two iron shots keep on landing in a 15 yard circle out at 225, you don't have a snowballs chance in hell of repeating that. LOL NOT A CHANCE IN HELL
  5. thats the old swing fools, hilarious how you guys think you are good when you really ****in suck as the golf swing, you think its about hip swing and shoulder, etc,,, what a huge mistake you are making lmfao you're a bunch of ****in clowns
  6. What an absolute shame it is to see so many people frustrated. And the sad thing is, the people who are trying to help are clueless too lol. UNBELIEVABLE....I said I was gonna hit 500 balls a day everyday....until I could hit the ball DEAD STRAIGHT, That was what? a couple of months ago? Guess what....STOP COPYING BEN HOGANS SWING. Want to know what hogans swing is? Its a guaranteed moneymaker for golf instructors. Why? Because at age 70 Ben Hogan said he never got the perfect swing, he said he came close but didn't get it. YOU are trying to copy something that is not perfect. Keep shelling out your cash and listening to all the guys patting you on the back saying, o boy I cant believe how much improvement I am seeing in you. LOL. In two months I went from not picking a golf club in 20 years to hitting the ball STRAIGHT AS AN ARROW every shot. It's absolutely ridiculous and I laugh at all the fools at the driving range who have played for 20 years and still hit unwanted fades, slices, draws and hooks. The ONLY time I hit one of those is when I want to Ever see a little kid who just started walking try to run? THEY FALL FLAT ON THEIR FACE. just like you everyday. Hitting a golf ball straight is so F'N easy its stupid, but Me, just like you, started learning how to hit all wrong. Trying to copy Ben Hogan, WRONG WRONG WRONG. I played 18 holes the other day for the first time since I started my goal, 18 drives landed dead center in the fairway. Teeing off on a 2-iron shot, 225 dead center just for fun. Taylor made Burner 5 wood, Dead center, Jack Nicklaus Golden bear driver, DEAD CENTER Cousin(playing ten years) Uncle(playing 25 years).....always a crapshoot, slice, in the woods, hook, skull, and thats exactly what you do too. Before I hated going to the driving range, what a waste of money and effort only to FAIL. Now I love it. I go there in workboots and filthy jeans and a hooded sweatshirt, just to shove it up peoples azzes. I watch em', eait for the guy who thinks his shiat don't stink to start swinging, then I go hammer 2 irons off the mat dead straight out to 225 lol in your face you BEN HOGAN wannabe, and the sad thing is, he doesn't even know that his technique is absolutely incorrect just like yours lmfao Oh, and by the way, keep right on HOPING and FEARING every time you get ready to swing, cus thats all you have and thats all you will every have if you keep chasing Hogan. PERIOD.
  7. Actually they are the swings of scratch golfer how bout that lmfao, oh by the way....before coming here......learning on my own, tweaking this and that slowly,,,, I went from hitting the ball all over the place to hitting it dead straight, after coming here and reading all the posts from so called instructors.....you fckin people have to be out of your mind. You overcomplicate the golf swing so much its absolutely ridiculous, instructors giving people false hope on thier swings, lol what a bunch of fckin jokers....people, there's not one guy on this site whos gonna show you how to hit the ball better than Ben hogan, or moe norman, or arnold palmer, or jack nicklaus, or lee trevino, or sam snead, and there's so much free information out there, stop wasting your fckin time taking tips from these retard leeches, and go learn on your own, INVENT YOUR OWN SWING fckin scammers lol FCK OFF SEE YA
  8. check the height of the rubber tee at the range if thats what you're hitting off of, if so its probably a 2" rubber tee, which after sticking through the 3/4" mat is only 1 1/4 inches high. Ran into this last time I went to the range and spotted this. Absolutely ridiculous. The ball is teed way too low and practicing off of that tee hieght will destroy your confidence. Go to golfers warehouse they sell 3 inch, 3 1/4 inch and 3 1/2 inch rubber practice tees for 2 bucks apiece, throw them in your bag and go hit the range, watch how far you hit it now.
  9. Why in gods name would you think that you are not capable of shooting a 61? Man you have the wrong mental attitude son
  10. I stand corrected, need to get them kids into the long drive competitions :)
  11. I don't know my handicap didn't know what to put down for that lol, anyway, this is my third day swinging a golf club in over ten years. My left elbow is impossible to straighten out due to a floating chip inside from an old injury, lock the elbow= immediate pain. By the way, thanks for catching that 5 wood top....I felt it. First time ever hitting the Burner. You will see improvement by the end of the day today. And you will see Lag in the swing by the end of today as well. I see the left wrist. Now I will go hit 500 balls and fix that crap. My goal is immediate improvement.
  12. Here's a video I took yesterday, while I was watching my weight shift and right foot, hitting with and Arnold Palmer 3 iron blade....good to have a camera that records at 60 fps to slow it down and watch your inconsistency in the swing
  13. bestbuy had the Kodak Playfull HD camers, its s simple recorder that goes 1080p 30 frames per second, 720 p 60 frames per second, and 720p 30 fps, the 720/60 fps is good for slowing your swing down and catching things you miss with the 30 fps and the camera's only 40 bucks
  14. I think your missing the whole point of what I meant.. That technique is simply to put your mind in the comfortable zone before you swing.....Trust me I don't swing like a robot but this will help you out with certain things like balance for one...clubhead speed....head movement....weight shifting....swinging through and down the target line more consistently....timing with the hip rotation etc...If you just go to the tee without any instruction whatsoever, and have never hit a golf ball.....and swing 10,000 times, I guarantee your clubhead speed will never break 90 mph. You will be casting that clubhead like a madman...you're weight will be on the outside of your right heel during the backswing putting you off balance...... the point is not to hit like a robot, everyone's swing is different due to body design. Take the correct steps and advice, then adapt it to what you're capable of doing. How many average joe's can rotate thier hips the full 120 degrees like Arnold Palmer did during his drive? not many so don't bother trying, adapt to what you can do
  15. Anyone who has an arm can throw a baseball right? but only a select few will every throw it correctly and hit a 95 mile per hour fastball without destroying their body. An alert awareness to every move you make will burn the motions into your brain. if you step to the ball, and go through the following thoughts step by step....ball position....stance width....lie angle....clubface square....left grip..right grip.....focus BANG.....at first it should take you at least 5-7 seconds to get settled in....waggle the club and check for gaps in your grip. If you do that 500 times in one day.....every time go through that thought process.....like a checklist....you will be on the right track so fast you won't believe it. Taught my 14 year old son this method of thinking and he went from chopping wood with the 5 iron to driving the 2 iron shot 165-175 in three days. Your setup to the ball will become second nature. If you work this method at 50% power for a day, watch how much time you have to checklist your other movements, the takeaway, laying off the club at the start of the downswing....leading with that left knee then the hips.....rotate, and keep the right elbow tucked and follow through.....full follow through always every shot. In no time flat your swing mechanics from setup to delivery will improve. These are the steps I follow everyday.....through repetition....and awareness of what steps you are taking.....you will improve Immediately. And the second day it will take you 3 seconds to setup because the thoughts zing through your head now, its really simple. There is no secret.....there is only hard work and dedication P.S. on the backswing keep that left heel planted....roll the ankle inward..trust me
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