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  1. Quote: Two standard bets for our games....if you make 13 pars or better and no double bogeys, player collects $20 from everyone.....an eagle is also $20 from everyone I like these bets for our foursome, very little money will change hands. Lol
  2. The guys I play with are fun and up for a challenge, so we always play skins and greenies (only paid out for birdies). So, one of our foursome decides to add "barkies". He said he read about it in Daly's book. If a guy hits a tree and still makes par, he gets a dollar from the rest of the threesome. So far, it hasn't happened, but it is funny. Have any of you invented a fun bet like this?
  3. I live in Phoenix. I have played in 110+ heat before. It is a dry heat, though.
  4. I am new to the forum. I work in IT Support, kinda lame. I am going back to school to finish my degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. The end goal is management at a golf resort. Looks like an awesome forum!
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