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  1. The country club I work at likes to use 9 minute spots.
  2. Anyone else interested? Hoping to get at least 8 to make it worthwhile.
  3. I really liked this video. I'll try and post another as soon as I have time to go hit some more balls. Should I be standing less upright at address? I've always had a dip, not that pronounced though.
  4. Boy I'm glad I didn't let you guys know last year my handicap went down from a 7.1 to a .3 and then back up to a 5.4 and now trending down to a 1.9. I would have been ridiculed. Good luck in your club championship, doesn't matter your handicap just play your game. You don't have anything to prove to anyone! I caddied in a group this year in which a very successful player who actually played on TV in the PGA professionals championship this year, and who has played PGA events multiple times 10+ shoot an 89 and get a letter in US Open Qualifying. So it can happen to anyone.
  5. Very true. Even Rose and Stenson are hitting shots that normally I don't see from them.
  6. Met him once and he immediately vaulted into my Top 3 guys. And it is just me or do these guys seem a lot more shaky than normal?
  7. Very interesting. Loved the Kuchar interview, very genuine. Glad that it's coming down to the last few holes. I'd like it to be team play next time though.
  8. Tips? This was a 21 degree Callaway Apex UT. About a 10 yard fade trying to hit it straight. Is it fading because I'm not getting it square/coming OTT? Or my alignment?
  9. College student majoring in rhetoric and English.
  10. Always wear golf attire. Never t-shirts or athletic shorts.
  11. I would venture to say that by making it fun Beef is getting kids (16-25) into the game. I know of one personally.
  12. Good luck this year! Hope everything works out.
  13. I agree that there is a definition of it. I think by "definition" I meant someone's own personal viewpoint on it.
  14. Agree. Not everyone will agree with that though. Some may think shooting a 70 (-2) on a course rated 67.0 would make a person scratch. I agree with your definition.
  15. This is a good topic, although I don't believe there is a correct answer. It's all about what you perceive to be scratch.