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  1. I will work on that with my driver. I will probably move it up to my front heel.
  2. Let me know when you get to Indiana! I would suggest a different course than Coffin - it's a goat track. Southern Dunes or Winding River would be a good track to play as far as public courses go in Indy.
  3. That's what I was thinking
  4. When you set up to the ball do you jump into it like you show in this video?
  5. Thanks! Truth be told, I simply used iMovie on my phone. It worked like a charm. Thanks!
  6. All that matters is how you are at impact. You can do anything on the backswing and downswing as long as you are square at impact.
  7. I have played three time since the last time I updated. My swing feels really weird right now, but I just posted some videos over in that thread. One round was a qualifier for the State Am, which I won't go into detail in but I shot 86 and played awful, missing the cut by 6. I think I accidentally deleted my strokes gained sheet but let me assure you, you're not missing much there. Other than that I played two other rounds with guys I work with. Shot a 75 at Deer Creek and a 75 at Crawfordsville Country Club. Two courses I am pretty familiar with. In these I limited my damage. The back nine of the CCC is on the vlog thread and the front nine will be up there soon. Here are my strokes gained: Deer Creek Strokes Gained CCC Strokes Gained I signed up for the Indiana PGA Monticello Open next Monday. We'll see how that goes, I won't be able to play until Sunday morning at the earliest.
  8. Here are two videos that I took today. Let me know what you see. Not getting very good contact. Either a pull (usual) or a nice draw. Can't really correct it by trying to feel because then I get behind it and hit it right. These came out a little lower that usual. New driver and I think that the ball was just a little too far back in my stance.
  9. It was, I fixed it. I had a tough time on my phone getting it to upload... Should be all good now!
  10. Here is my first golf vlog! Let me know what you guys think! Not sure why it won't let me embed it.
  11. 75. 5 bogeys, 13 pars....boring.
  12. Great! I am going to play tomorrow so I should be able to get a few good shots since I got my tripod in yesterday.
  13. Long enough time to think about what happened in my last tournament that I am just now posting about it. Can't change what happened, not sure what happened except I was slicing the ever living poo out of the ball and couldn't stop. Low right cuts, didn't matter where on the club I hit the ball. Probably the 2 weeks of not touching a club then going out and playing. Shot 92, missed the cut obviously. Hit some decent shots but also hit a lot of really bad ones. Not going over the round because that is too many shots to recount. Here's my strokes gained from the round: Strokes Gained - Indianapolis Open 5/23 Leaderboard: Note the first hole that the winner played. Hole in 1 on a par 4. Adam Wood, Duke golfer. https://iga.bluegolf.com/bluegolf/iga17/event/iga1717/contest/17/leaderboard.htm
  14. Indianapolis PGA Open today. I tee off at 9:18. Haven't swing a club since my birthday a week and a half ago so we shall see how this goes. I also worked two open-close at the golf course this weekend so I'm pretty dead. Either shoot 73 or 85 no in between. Cut will probably be 75,76 maybe 77. Here's the leaderboard: https://iga.bluegolf.com/bluegolf/iga17/event/iga1717/contest/17/leaderboard.htm
  15. But, if it is a solo round you do not post it, correct?