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  1. My Swing (Pepsivanilla93)

    Just got my first evolvr lesson back for the year about a week ago. Looks like I'll be working with Stephan this time instead of Preston, which is starting off well. He had me address my address first, so I'm pretty happy to know that I'll have a sound setup and can focus on other things. A few things he wanted to adjust with my setup is he wanted to see my head pointed more towards the ball. He explained it as if I couldn't move my eyes in their sockets, instead I would need to point my eye sockets directly at the ball. He also suspected that I might have a bit of open shoulders at address and to close them/square them just a touch. Enough that my leading arm becomes slightly visible in front of my trailing arm at address. I think my baggier jacket hid my arms a bit, so I made sure to not to wear it for the upcoming uploads. The final thing was that I was standing too close to the ball not leaving enough room between the handle and my thigh. One palm width between the end of the handle and my thigh was the rule of thumb. I keep a couple clubs out of the bag leaning against the wall in my room with a couple golf balls. Whenever I walk past I'll do a set of about 5 repetitions just addressing the ball working on the setup positions. Every 5 sets or so I set up my phone on my selfie stick and get a DTL shot of my setup to confirm I'm seeing what needs to be seen. I was happy to hear him say I wasn't too far off! Found that very encouraging. After addressing setup issues his main concerns were sequencing issues and wrist loading, so I'm looking forward to what he has to say about those. Going to add in some backswing and downswing fixes once my setup checks out he said. I've included two shots of my progress on setup that I'll be sending in in just a minute here.
  2. Pepsivanilla93

  3. Emojis in your golf life

    Slam dunk.
  4. Emojis in your golf life

    Anyone know the loft of the poo putter? Asking for a friend...
  5. Golf Ball Logos

    I can dig it. Haven't found any with cool logos yet, but I got out for a round on a nice day in January and the pro shop cashier gave me a free golf course logo golf ball to shut the gate for the course after we left. It was a slow day and he was looking to leave ASAP. Closed his mailbox for him too, free of charge.
  6. Which side?

    I would go right, simply because buying golf clubs will be more plentiful and cheaper, both sides considered equal. You won't have to flip the mats around at the range, almost all products are default right handed, etc. I play hockey left handed and golf right.
  7. My Swing (Hawkeye456)

    It's a pain but keep at it though! When you've hooked it into the woods for the 9th time that day and you're frustrated and not thinking, you'll revert to whatever swing is ingrained the deepest and most unconsciously(?). This is a really good website to join that takes giving credible advice very seriously. Welcome!
  8. Not a fan. I think it's too easy for this show to screw you up. It's like the TV version of an issue of Golf Digest.
  9. Yardages Throughout the Bag

    Almost said between red and black until I realized I was thinking total distance. I carried my driver 230-250 last time I was out and my 8 iron about 135. I'd say purple is close to slightly short for me. This will be a nice little chart for me to set goals with when I start adding distance.
  10. My Swing (Pepsivanilla93)

    You're right about that! I think I've been on this website long enough to realize feel ain't real and I should always use my camera. It's my phone so I always have it with me anyways. Sad to say I'm still that guy that uses the range poorly but plenty of you have made tremendous progress on your swing thread videos that it's time to say you all might be doing something right!
  11. My Swing (Pepsivanilla93)

    Awesome that's really helpful. Doing video analysis certainly presents itself with its own challenges.
  12. My Swing (Pepsivanilla93)

    @b101 Thanks for the quick feedback! At least I'm not the only one to get carried away on a launch monitor. It was quite frustrating but I just shot some video out in the yard to submit and I appreciate your experience helping me. I figured out how to take slow-mo high framerate video and it was very telling. I'll be looking to implement this, so thank you. When it comes to video on your first range session, are you specifically looking for your swing to be moving in the direction of the fix, or are you videoing your drills, or maybe something else? I expect the way to do it would be to run your drills slow enough that you can fix any inconsistency immediately and build speed slowly from there. But you're taking full swings and checking those on video, correct?
  13. My Swing (Pepsivanilla93)

    Tried out this range about 30 minutes away that has the Trackman Range feature, today. Couldn't get it to register a single shot. Very disappointing and frustrating range visit. Just one of those awful days for your swing too. I just wanted to get an average carry distance for my clubs and some shot data to review at home, so I didn't show up with any game plan for practice. The app for Trackman stopped working after about 20 balls all the way until I left. I contacted the range to see what was up after my visit since they were packed when I was there. Got too carried away as well trying to fix my club path and whole slew of other swing faults that weren't my priority and since nothing was working I was getting frustrated. This post is a bit of a vent of my awful range visit as well as a reminder to work on, and video, my priority change since working on one thing at a time is going to be the only way I'm able to track progress. A couple questions for anyone who drops by and can answer: What's the best way to track ball striking progress? My goal is to improve sweet spot hits with proper ball first contact and that's the fix my instructor was helping me with. Should I take an initial percentage of quality hits to mishits and then test it at certain intervals to track progress? Should I just video my swing and make sure my swing changes are present, then continually submit videos until my instructor sees the progress? Then he can adjust as necessary? Thanks guys, going to send in some more videos anyways for instruction. It's just too complicated and 'instant gratification inducing' trying to fix it myself at this point.
  14. FlightScope Mevos - Buy Them Here

    Sweet, looking forward to it! Come on TST members, you know you want one....

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