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  1. Weekends whatever month usually works best for me. We've got some Rochester school district renovations coming up for summer so I might be working weekends too. I can make a central Michigan course like in Okemos. That's pretty good distance wise but I'm always open to anywhere.
  2. I hope you can get down to scratch. What an awesome goal! Have you worked with an instructor at all or did you put your swing together yourself? When you mimic your ball flight with your hand, do you stand behind the ball and gesticulate the ball flight as a visualization technique? I've never seen that before so that's interesting. Keep up the good work man.
  3. You posted this a little while ago but if you haven't been made aware of AimPoint Express yet I'd recommend you look into it for green reading. It looks funny at first and a bit ridiculous, but it's accuracy is uncanny. Right after I took the class I was burning the edge of the hole on almost every putt as well as draining putts as long as 20ft. It worked really well for me and if you're having difficulty reading greens still I'd at least say to look into it and see if it's a viable option for you to learn. You have a really nice looking swing by the way. The ball seems to really launch o
  4. Put in 10 days of practice since my last lesson. My setup improvements were correct but I still needed to get the club handle a littler lower by introducing more right arm bend at address. Aimed at or below the belt buckle was the desired goal. That was the first lesson that suggested actual swing changes, and what he was looking to accomplish was to steepen the shoulder turn so that my head stops lurching out over my left shoulder. My shoulder plane was too shallow causing compensations to maintain a steady head. I've been working diligently on doing the club across the shoulders and pivot dr
  5. I'd give it a chance. Wouldn't hurt me in the slightest if I missed it though.
  6. Just got my first evolvr lesson back for the year about a week ago. Looks like I'll be working with Stephan this time instead of Preston, which is starting off well. He had me address my address first, so I'm pretty happy to know that I'll have a sound setup and can focus on other things. A few things he wanted to adjust with my setup is he wanted to see my head pointed more towards the ball. He explained it as if I couldn't move my eyes in their sockets, instead I would need to point my eye sockets directly at the ball. He also suspected that I might have a bit of open shoulders at addre
  7. Pepsivanilla93


  8. Anyone know the loft of the poo putter? Asking for a friend...
  9. I can dig it. Haven't found any with cool logos yet, but I got out for a round on a nice day in January and the pro shop cashier gave me a free golf course logo golf ball to shut the gate for the course after we left. It was a slow day and he was looking to leave ASAP. Closed his mailbox for him too, free of charge.
  10. I would go right, simply because buying golf clubs will be more plentiful and cheaper, both sides considered equal. You won't have to flip the mats around at the range, almost all products are default right handed, etc. I play hockey left handed and golf right.
  11. It's a pain but keep at it though! When you've hooked it into the woods for the 9th time that day and you're frustrated and not thinking, you'll revert to whatever swing is ingrained the deepest and most unconsciously(?). This is a really good website to join that takes giving credible advice very seriously. Welcome!
  12. Not a fan. I think it's too easy for this show to screw you up. It's like the TV version of an issue of Golf Digest.
  13. Almost said between red and black until I realized I was thinking total distance. I carried my driver 230-250 last time I was out and my 8 iron about 135. I'd say purple is close to slightly short for me. This will be a nice little chart for me to set goals with when I start adding distance.
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