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  1. Big Break Atlantis

    Automatically putting someone in the Elimination Round is absolutely ridiculous. Also making it so the first place person has absolutely no way of going home and gets to stay on top of the leader board no matter what is retarded. Maybe the hosts and creators of this competition don't believe in fair play, but you might as well call it the WWE of golf if you already determine a winner. Marcela would have had to get beaten by every golfer to go home. That would be next to impossible, not to mention she got the same amount of points for losing twice and winning once. Points should have been reduced for each loss. Kelly gets one chance while all other contestants got at last two. Not to mention this allows Marcela to choose first in the next round and surprise she gets another huge advantage. The people should have a disadvantage for having the least amount of points but they shouldn't make it impossible for a person to come back and that is exactly what they do. Also that clown and his wife need to host something else because they are annoying as hell. I can tell this guy holds more balls in his hands than just Titleist if you catch my drift.