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  1. lineape

    Forged irons

    Main reason is I can trade in all the stuff I have taking up closet space and get the 716 ap1 at no cost to me.
  2. lineape

    Forged irons

    Let me simplify this. Right now I play 714 ap1, 6-gw. I'm going to be getting a new set, just trying to figure out with my handicap, if I would be better served going with 716 ap1 or ap2 in the same 6-gw.
  3. lineape

    Forged irons

    I think that's my problem and why I like the smaller forged irons.
  4. lineape

    Forged irons

    Thanks Marv. I've already started hitting a few at gg on their simulator. Actually like the mp-h5 6 iron.
  5. lineape

    Forged irons

    How forgiving are mizuno mp-63 in short irons?
  6. lineape

    Forged irons

    I don't go with a full set because I hit my hybrids better and longer than 3-5 irons.
  7. lineape

    Forged irons

    I'm a high handicap player that uses hybrids instead of long irons. Are there any high handicap players here that use forged irons in the shorter irons for feel? I've hit a few different forged irons in a 6 iron and like the way they feel and look. Misfits aren't that much different than my ap1's, and flush hits look and feel better.
  8. lineape

    DIY Golf net: anyone else built one?

    What kind of net is that.
  9. I used to play a lot of golf and was O.K., but I had fun. Because of back problems, I stopped playing about 20 years ago. I had surgery to fix the problems a couple of years ago and am interested in giving golf a try again. My main question is this. Without spending a lot of money right off the bat, what is a good mid-grade set of clubs I could look into until I figure out if I'm going to be able to play again?

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