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  1. I've seen both of those videos. Thanks for sharing. It's hard to find quality review videos on the pro cavity irons.
  2. Getting back in the game after almost 25 years. Through some trading I've picked up 2 sets if irons. Trying to get recommendations. If anyone has used the nike vrs pro cavity and the nike vrs cast. It's a wash out here today, so can't go to the range to compare the 2.
  3. What kind of net is that.
  4. Whenever weather and work allow I'm going back to the range to test yardage. I really like the 19 degree I have. Bought a used cobra fly z adjustable.
  5. That's what I was thinking with 19 degree. Do away with the five wood.
  6. Just got the hybrids. Haven't made it to the range yet. Just trying to a general idea.
  7. Was hoping to get some advice. I'm using a set of nike vrs cast irons 4-gwith. Never been very good with long irons. I have a 19 and 22 degree hybrids. What irons would you get rid of?
  8. I used to play a lot of golf and was O.K., but I had fun. Because of back problems, I stopped playing about 20 years ago. I had surgery to fix the problems a couple of years ago and am interested in giving golf a try again. My main question is this. Without spending a lot of money right off the bat, what is a good mid-grade set of clubs I could look into until I figure out if I'm going to be able to play again?