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  1. Not a fan at all, until he respect his caddy and quits blaming him for his mistakes.
  2. I don't think it's so much about the perfect fit as you will always find something that might go farther or what not but it's about being comfortable. If I'm comfrotable with the equipment in my bag, then I'm confident in my ability to do the rest. It does take "fitting" or tinkering to find your comfort zone. Too many people see fittings as looking for the best numbers when in reality once your out on the course none of that really means too much. It's about if your comfortable enough to go out and perform.
  3. Regardless of the winner and storylines, Masters week is always great. I think Tiger will end up playing, but I doubt that he contends. I feel like Scott, Day & McIlroy are good choices to be in contention as is Cabrera who always seems to be around the lead regardless of form coming in ! I don't see a first time appearance winner like some are predicting (Jordan Spieth & Patrick Reed), first timers don't have the best track records here. Whoever can read greens the best and make the best game management decisions probably will end up winning. Most majors are decided by the least mistakes a
  4. European Tour coverage uses it all the time where as it's like I'm lucky to see it used on PGA Tour coverage. Though I like where golf channel is going with using it now more frequently on the range.
  5. Meh, I think Rory looks dangerous this year, He's on my list for the Masters and also next week at Doral.
  6. Field is deep, hope Scott can keep his great play up with the 5 week break.
  7. Footjoy DNA shoes and some J Lindeberg apparel.
  8. Ordered some Footjoy DNA shoes, really excited for them.
  9. One day, one day.....I would love to visit this place someday, I don't need to be fitted that has already been done, but I would love to see this place as well as the Oven at Nike.
  10. I have played around with a 712U 2 iron, it's fun but I don't see it as a necessity. I think a hybrid is more useful. The only time I would hit the 2 iron is on holes where I need to find the fairway or hit. Plus the hybrid is better out of the rough.
  11. When you hit the ball as long and pretty accurate like Walker your eventually going to be in position to make things happen, I think that once he got that first win under his belt at the Frys it gave him more confidence in his game. I think Butch has a minimal part in this, he might have strengthened some parts of his game, but more so just gave him confidence that he's good enough to win big tournaments.
  12. Should be a good week, this is Adam Scott's first tournament this season without Steve on the bag, one of his surfer buddies is carrying this week.
  13. I hit the original Covert last summer and wasn't too impressed.
  14. Will be interesting to see if Scotty has any of his 2014 line on display ?
  15. Pulling for Scott as always, I think Spieth is going to be a good choice this week too.
  16. I usually stretch and putt first, then I work my way up through clubs on the range, usually I don't hit them all. I usually go (54,9I,7I,Hybrid,3W,D) then If I have more time before teeing off, I will putt again.
  17. Yeah, the Phrankenwood was left out of the bag at the Open and Scottish Open
  18. Pin high doesn't mean anything, I would rather be below the hole if I have an uphill put rather than a downhiller.
  19. I don't like going to the range honestly. I find it tough to focus. The only time I'm on the range is with my swing instructor.
  20. My gamer the Scotty Cameron Newport SS 2.5 but I also have a few others: - Ping Anser - Odyssey Metal-X 2 ball - Taylormade Rossa (I Think it's a Siena 4 or something) I'm thinking of buying a Scotty Golo 5 series also.
  21. Also try and create lots of lag in your swing by keeping your back foot on the ground as long as possible. Releasing to early will cause you to get ahead of the ball which will also produce a block or fade.
  22. I love my current 910D2 (specs in sig) but will be going to a 913 fitting in a few weeks to see if I can improve my numbers and distance. Though at a demo day I hit the 913D2 with the AD-DI 5S and was blown away.
  23. Here's how I hit a draw with the driver consistently. Slightly closed stance, just past square with my shoulders and hips all aligned to that slightly closed stance. I play the ball ahead of center but still inside my left foot. My hands hang low and the club face is slightly open at address. I find that good rhythm also helps and taking the club back on the proper plane is needed. Don't get too flat as that can cause Block fades and such. But also don't loop the club in too much or you could hit a hook. Envision taking your hands straight back and keep the club head outside your
  24. 1. Adam Scott -9 2. Jason Day -8 3. Brandt Snedeker -8
  25. Holes which require a draw off the tee, My swing produces a high draw, so holes which favour a draw are my most loved/ comfortable shots to hit. But fade holes....well that's a different story !
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