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  1. About 3 dozen. Mainly Z-Stars, and a dozen of cheaper balls. I have rounds that I don't loose a single ball, and rounds that i seem to loose 4-5 balls. Usually switch to a cheaper ball if I'm starting to hit hazards.
  2. But if the whole set (from 4-SW) costs 49$, I doubt that an 11 iron of the same brand is worth anything. I've seen a 10 iron. Callaway had quite a few of sets that included the 10 iron back in the day.
  3. A really nasty 89. 8 pars (had a tap in birdie putt that i missed...) 5 bogies 3 doubles 2 triples That pretty much sums it all up. 37 putts, 8/18 GIR and 7/14 FIR.
  4. Yes, if you would use a small divot tool. But " These prongs move from the outside of the ball mark to the inside, closing the hole . Then the second set of 4 prongs enters the turf at an angle and lifts the turf around the ball mark. The base of the tool then acts as a tamp to flatten the newly repaired area, leaving a smooth putting surface." When you put all that together, it's a real life saver for the greenskeepers. Saves a lot of time when players don't care to repaire ball marks.
  5. Agreed. I don't carry a 3-wood in my bag, so I usually don't go for the green in 2. But there's a chance that I'll rip my driver perfect enough to get a chance with my 3-H. Only reached the green under GIR a handful of times, so when I do, it's really a special feeling. Back to the original question. I usually lay up if there's water infront, and I have to have a certain carry distance, for example 200 yards. Much depends on previous holes and if the eagle chance comes in the beginning of the round or on the last holes. If I'm playing the best round of my life, I might have the confidence to try and get there, but at the same time play it safe to keep my momentum going. Nothing worse than ending up with a triple on the last hole. Too many factors come into play.
  6. That's a good one. I think I'll add it to my list. Eventhough my friend is better than me, and has been that for the past 2 years, I'm finally catching up. I'll get the chance of beating him tomorrow best bring my A-game.
  7. First goals for this year is breaking 90 and getting to play my hcp down to about a 15. Well, it's 3 months later, I've broken 90 about 15 times and my current hcp is 12.1. As I already played a round of 80, my next goal is to try and play a round of under 80. Single digit handicap wouldn't be impossible, but we'll see.
  8. 8-Iron. I just don't know. I always hit it well, and it goes were I want it to go. After that comes the 52 degree wedge and ofcourse the driver (when it doesn't act up.)
  9. Not speaking for myself, but my friend has a better distance average with is 3-wood than with his driver. He shoot about 260 yards with his 3-wood and 280 yards with his driver. The problem is that he shoots one 280 yard drive per round, and the rest are 220 yard drives with a slice. And no, he's not a bad player (hcp around 8-9), but just so much more consistent with the 3-wood. We were just out playing last week and he shot a round of 86. After that round I suggested that he'd leave his driver home. He shot a 79 only using his 3-wood. Although he shot under 80, he's still going with the driver next round. Seems to be an addiction to hit that club perfectly. Still you see alot of these players that tee off with a driver, "just to tee off with a driver".
  10. Read somewhere that people with smaller hands tend to like the interlock grip more. I can relate, as I have a glove size of small that's sits perfectly. I could never go back to the baseball grip anymore, and I wouldn't for that matter. I've dropped about 10 shots from my round after changing it to this season. Sure I've played far more, but last season my record was 96 strokes, and last week I played a round of 80. The back nine was a 37. When I worked at my local course for a few years, we had our head pro teaching Tigers swing to everyone. I'll remember the advice he gave me when I first came to the range. He went to his backroom and came back with pictures of tigers swing, and said that a swing should look like this. Including his grip, stance, movement, the works. Now that I think about it, I don't know what he was thinking... The point being, a lot of pros teach the stuff they're doing, and what they are comfortable with. Just my experience.
  11. I played for 2 years with the baseball grip. This year I changed my grip to the interlock, as I feel that I get a better and more solid swing path. I've lost a bit of distance (about 5 yards per iron), but that doesn't bother me, as long as my shots go straight. My average distance for a 7 iron is about 160 yards, give or take. I have a very strong grip (that results in a "chicken wing" from time to time, and I think that the interlock has made my grip more light). I even tried the overlap, but couldn't even get the ball up in the air
  12. Not true. Not even the second most. Russia is dominating the market. They're sitting on about 50 trillion cubic meters of natural gas, making them the biggest distributor (Gazprom). USA has proven reserves of about 6-7 trillion cubic meters. There's Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan, Qatar and Iran ifront of you.
  13. I guess I've been lucky when I haven't met any of the above But for many poor putters, the putting would be even worse if they didn't read it. Maybe 2 putts would be 3 putts?
  14. I wouldn't take it quite that far. Personally, I get more confident if I read the green. It has nothing to do with me sinking every putt, but when I do read the greens carefully, I scratch a few strokes off my round. If I know I'm capable of making a putt, I take my time, but if I'm sure that I'll never sink "that" putt, might aswell take a shot at it and try to get it as close as possible. For me, I tend to read the 5-6'' putts more carefully than the 10-15'' putts. Just going with my skill level.
  15. Had a poor drive on a 440 yard par 4. Had 230 yards to the pin from a fairway lie, and there were no chance i'd reach it with my hybrid. So out with my driver, and ripped it with a small fade about 220 yards right infront of the green. A chip and 2-putt for bogie.
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