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  1. I had the 712 Ap2 and recently upgraded to the new 714 AP2. Totally different club. The I20 I also was on the fence on. I went with the AP2 because for me it was a much more forgiving club. All I can say is see if you can demo both on Trackman or on an outdoor range even better. You want to see the ball flight and what its doing. Now is the perfect time to be fitted. You never want to be fitted in early spring. If you play alot do it now while your swing is still in "mid season form." Trust me. You dont want to be fitted for new clubs early spring when you havent really been playing.
  2. Looking to get a new travel bag for my clubs. Heading down to DR in a few weeks. Any feedback? Sunmountain looks like they have a nice setup but I think close to 20lbs, little heavy. Titleist? Thanks.
  3. Great thread here. The manufacturers need to move product every year. They come out with the "latest and greatest" every year. They make you think that by buying THIS years new technology you'll play better than last years technology. How else are they supposed to move products? Yet, when you look at who the club champion is or the person you just got paired up with who shoots a 65, I bet they don't have the latest and greatest. Does new technology work? Perhaps. In the end it comes down to the player. Same thing with skiing, tennis, etc. Every year the ski companies come out with th
  4. I think Shooter's points are accurate. I have a good friend who works at Golf Galaxy. Once these hit the shelves I'm gonna pick these apart with Trackman. As I mentioned earlier, I get it, the manufacturers need to do everything they can every year to move product. I'm not saying these clubs don't "work," I'm just saying I really want to sink my teeth into these this year and just compare apples to apples. Something doesnt smell right...
  5. You guys are dead on with this. Nice. To say I was pulling the ball is an understatement. I never pulled my shots with my old Callaways. End of last season it got to the point where if I were around 215/220 away from the green, grabbed the hybrid to land on in 2, I was nervous. I think some serious re evaluation needs to be done on these clubs. I'm not disputing the extra distance when you really hit the ball square but the whole issue with pulling, ease off fairway, I'm not sold anymore. I would happy going back to Callaway or even just get a Ping/Adams/Titleist hybrid/3 wood and stick
  6. I'll check that out. I knew there was something up. When I bought these clubs, I think it was back in July, the guy was telling me the Tour versions were easier to hit off the fairways. After a couple of rounds with them I wasnt hitting them as solid as my old Callaway 3 wood and hybrid. Yes, WHEN you hit these clubs the ball does appear to at least roll farther but the consistancy at least for me wasnt as good with the Callaways I had. I'm not giving up on these. Definately going to check out the new Stage 2's in Feb when they hit the shelves. Worst case I just trade in my RBZ from las
  7. Yeah thanks I saw that. I guess I have to wait until Feb to just demo these new clubs to see what the ball does. Its actually pretty funny the things sport manufacturers do every year to try to sell their products. Whether its golf, skiing, tennis. Amazing...
  8. I've been reading up on the new Taylor Made Stage 2's coming out specifically the 3 wood & hybrids. I dont doubt they've figured out a way to gain additional yds however I find my RB's hybrids Tour clubs I bought last summer not all that "easy" to hit. I almost am thinking of going back to a Callaway. Has anyone else found this? I think they said the new Stage 2's are going to be easier off the fairways than the RB's now? Maybe I should demo the regulars and not the Tour versions? Just curious.
  9. Go with the ones that are right for you. I went through this process not too long ago. Ended up with the Ap2's but only because out of all the clubs I tried these were the ones for me. Everyone has a different feel for clubs. Every manufacturer wants to sell you the latest and greatest technology that they have to offer. They have to. Their trying to move product. Just find a set that you and only you really like and pull the trigger.
  10. Go with a fitted driver. I know so many people that play with very old putters and drain the putts almost every time. Putters are probably the most personal club in the bag. The old Billy Baru! I'd say find your niche, hit a bunch and narrow down to what feels right for you. You might be surprised what you end up with. Good luck.
  11. Wow. No. I've had mine for about 3 weeks so I'll keep an eye on it
  12. Nice. Thanks guys. I guess I'm trying to figure out the "gaps" I might have by eliminating the 3 & 4 irons from my bag. Seeing more of this out there as well it seems. I've been blasting the new RBZ 3 wood, 3 & 4 hybrid probably longer than I would hit my 3 & 4 irons on a good day so I guess this makes sense. Totally have to re-calibrate my yardage now which should be interesting. Oh the buckets of balls.........
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