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  1. I can't wait. I'm really excited about starting lessons with James
  2. Ian Poulter -10 Thorbjorn Olesen -9 Trevor Immelman -9
  3. Course Name : Hunter's Creek Golf Club Course Website : http://www.golfhunterscreek.com/ Course Style : wooded fairways and firm greens Regular Tee Yardage / Rating / Slope : 5971 / 67.9 / 117 Regular Tee Average Score : 91-95 Forward Tee Yardage / Rating / Slope : 5510 / 65.1 / 108 Forward Tee Predicted Score (Aggressive Round) : 90 Forward Tee Predicted Score (Conservative Round) : 86 I feel like my strength are in my shorter irons so for the conservative round, if I focus on hitting fairways, I should score pretty well. I'm not expecting any good scores from the aggressive round.
  4. I hit 8 greens and all but two fairways but still only managed 91. 39 putts will kill a round real quick. I was still pleased with my ball striking though.
  5. I just picked the game back up after a four hear hiatus and have really started taking it seriously. My goals for the rest of 2012 are: 1) Consistently hit fairways with my driver (Currently can only do it with my 3 hybrid) 2) Practice at least three times a week 3) Hit at least 10 greens in a round and have less than 36 putts 4) Get to a single digit index by the end of 2012 The last one may be a little lofty but I play a lot and that is my ultimate goal for the rest of the year
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