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  1. I might be interested in driving down and giving it a shot, depending on when it will be. Can't do May 31-Jun 20 though :(
  2. I might actually pay to see you dressed up as Barney out on the course. That may be a good look!
  3. Haha I messed that up. I hate quoting on mobile.
  4. I am not wrong. First, last I checked there are more private schools than just catholic. Secondly, I guarantee you that I could find at least 5 cchristian private schools in Knoxville that do not teach Big Bang.
  5. I am in agreeance that it is definitely a parenting issue. however I was simply stating that private school is the way to go if a parent did not want their children to be taught things like the Big Bang Theory.
  6. Yes, I understand the issue with the First Amendment. Unfortunately, you are right and it isn't legal, as least with the way people protest it today. I suppose it doesn't matter that it was taught for years before, lol. But yes, I suppose the answer to parents wanting their children to learn about creationism is to send them to private school.
  7. That is the problem. They don't leave out Big Bang for balance. If you want to teach Big Bang, then you need to discuss other possible reasoning as well. I simply was talking about the Big Bang Theory, not evolution. I also have no problem with students being taught the world views of other religions as well as long as they are presented fairly. I think it is important for students to understand the many different world views around and how other cultures think of these matters. I also don't think a lot of people really deny evolution in the context you are using it, if you aren't talking about "primordial sludge to man." We have evolved as a human race in many different facets, so I don't know how that would be deniable. I personally don't know exactly what I believe, but I do know that I was given a fair shake to learn about the different possibilities to decide for myself. I simply want the same for others.
  8. That is what I think is the problem though. Whether people like it or not a large population of the country and world believe in religion. A person who believes in religion shouldn't have to listen to their teach tell them that their beliefs are wrong and that creationism doesn't exist as if it is a fact. Conversely, a person who doesn't believe in God shouldn't have to listen to a teach talk about creationism and religion as if it is fact. Discuss both and let the evidence speak for itself. If teachers wanted to present it in the fashion you do, so be it. If one has more supporting evidence, then let that speak for itself. Either way, neither has been discounted and proven untrue as of yet. The government, school system, or what have you, should not get to decide what a person believes, if it isn't a proven fact or scientific law. To me, if it isn't a fact or law, then you should have to discuss the most popular theories on any subject as they are theories, and have not been proven or disproven. For example, if there were two theories on gravity that had not been debunked, then both theories should be discussed as potential reasoning for why gravity exists.
  9. That is the problem. A theory isn't something that can necessarily be proven, it just means it hasn't been disproven through scientific experiment. The things you mentioned above are theories simply because they they are the most scientific and elaborate ways to prove them that have not yet been debunked by scientific experimentation. In similar fashion, that is how most ardent believers of faith view things. Nobody has truly disproven anything taught in the Bible. Most people simply want to believe in something. I would argue that many people of faith believe simply because they don't want to believe that we are born, live a few years, and then die in a vicious cycle of nothingness. However, my point is that they are still basically theories and each person can choose to believe in whichever they wish too. As long as I am not forced one way or the other by an outside source I don't really have a problem with religion, or by people believing in science, evolution, etc.
  10. Yes, we have one of these in Knoxville. On the other side of town from me so I haven't joined but it seems like a great place. http://www.fairwaysandgreens.org/
  11. But you can't prove the Big Bang theory either, that is why it is a theory. That is what I find so ridiculous in all this fuss. It is two parties arguing about ones belief in different theories. At this point in time neither can be proven so you are putting your faith in the belief of one or the other. Even if scientists prove that a "Big Bang" happened, how would you disprove that it was possibly a work of God? Also, whoever wrote the bible, whether true or not, was also brilliant. If it is true, they put together a masterpiece of books/stories to help guide humanity. If false, they put together a work of art that will have fooled billions of people over thousands of years.
  12. Looks like the SEC is having another stellar recruiting season/National Signing day. Florida/A &M;/Bama/Auburn/Tennessee/LSU/ will most likely be in the top 10. Ole Miss/Kentucky may end in the top 20. That only leaves South Carolina, Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, and Missouri not in the top 20. I am surprised Kentucky (on paper) recruited better than both Mizzou and South Carolina. It is obvious the coaching change at Vandy really hurt them. I am really amped up right now in regards to Butch Jones at Tennessee. To pull off a potentially top 8 recruiting class after 4 straight horrible seasons is impressive and I am looking forward to 2-3 years down the road.
  13. I suppose I am lucky. I have a great little backwoods par 3 that I can hit up for $5 and get in plenty of practice. I love to take my kids there as well as they are really into the First Tee program at the course. I joined a country club this year and I am starting to think it may have been a mistake. :(
  14. I guess that means a lot of people are ok by you, if not liking Skip Bayless is enough!
  15. Well that is true to a point, I suppose. However, I would be lying if I told you my "best" shot of the three was always a good shot, lol. I still hit quite a few balls from the rough :)
  16. I recently read a book (can't remember name, will update later) that basically suggested playing best ball on the course to improve your game. The basic premise is that you play 3 ball best ball, but instead of having two playing partners, you are the one hitting the three different shots. After picking the best ball of your three you proceed to hit 3 more shots from the placement of your best shot previously. Often golfers lack confidence and after they get a few bad shots under their belt they start to crumble, or start off horribly and never regain their composure. The theory behind this proposed way of playing is to show players that they can actually make the shots required to score low and do have the skill to do so. In theory a lot of players have the physical and mental capability to shoot low scores but too often lack the focus or confidence to do it consistently playing one ball. It is suggested to do this over a 9 hole period and to track your numbers to see how often your best shot is your first, second, or third. I tried this today out on the course and I shot even par (36). Now I know I was playing the best of three different balls to accomplish this but I do feel like it proved to me that I "can" physically make the shots required to score low, but I have to work on improving my consistency and focus in order to do so. I am going to continue to do this over the rest of the winter break and compare my stats from round to round. It will be interesting to see if the number of times I am playing my first shot as my best shot improves any or stays the same. Anyway, this may have been brought up before, and if so my apologies. I found it to be an interesting confidence booster and may help those who struggle with confidence on the course.
  17. I don't care if he is on my team or not, a douche is a douche is a douche.
  18. I really hope the Broncos drill them, though I think it is going to be a nail biter. But I would love for Manning to really cement his legacy and finish this stellar season by defeating the seahawks for his second SB win. And I'd love for him to torch sherman a time or two just to shut him up.
  19. Go Manning! Hell of a game.
  20. I think you are misinterpreting what he said. He was saying that your 56 on the front 9 and 43 on the back still ended up being your average score: The 90's (on average). So while you may have shot your worst on the front 9 you evened it out on the back 9 by playing good golf. Normally you may have shot a 45 on the front and 45 on the back but this time it was a bit more lopsided. Whether you shoot even on the front and back or not, the end result was similar. Also, I don't think he was saying you never break 95. I think (I could be wrong) is that he was saying that if you aren't consistently shooting below 95 it may a bit hard to reach scratch by the end of this year. Either way, I think you are taking it as a personal affront when there isn't one to be bad.
  21. He didn't attack you. As GD said, he just gave you honest feed back and it seems as if you didn't like that. Erik is generally blunt and speaks directly. Some people are used to that, others aren't. Either way, he wasn't being disrespectful really and he definitely wasn't attacking you...
  22. I had a really cool thing happen that is related this past weekend. I took my 5 year old out to the course and we were having a good time. He decided he had to use the restroom and ran off to the tree line (couldn't make it to a restroom, no bladder control lol). He left his driver laying on the ground and realized he'd forgotten it about 4-5 holes later. We back track a little bit and a man sees us coming. He must have known what we were going to be looking for because when we got to the tee box he had my sons driving acting like he was going to tee off with it. My son and I laughed and he returned the club to my son along with a sleeve of spongebob golf balls. I think it left a really good impression on my son about honestly and being kind.
  23. I simply find it funny that you consider the act that Manning was performing so bush league and it draws your ire so much. I say this because you mentioned it earlier in this thread as well. It also happens across the league and I would wager every team does or has done it at some point. To me there are many more things that go on within a game that I consider worse, that are actually against the rules, and people get away with it. I mean, it is really easy to stop this particular action after all. Don't jump off-sides and you have nothing to worry about. I can see it happening once, maybe twice.. but 5 or 6 times? That is simply a lack of discipline. But some people follow rules to the letter and some bend them but don't break them. I've always been part of the latter crew so I suppose that is why it doesn't bother me that he does this. If you are a part of the former crew, then I imagine its a PITA to see.
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