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  1. Hi from L.A.

    Hey Jim. I don't have one, I just stumbled onto them. I never really even knew they existed until I stumbled onto it. I can't afford one right now, but it seems like they're very worth the investment for people who can. I don't play much but it looked interesting. I used to have a little putting strip thing, but that's it. I've played at pitch and putt courses, but like I said never an 18 whole course. I do like watching golf though. I can't seem to find the rules again. Can I post links? If I can I'll show you what I put together, I found cool videos and put together a few of the top of the line things I found on Amazon and eBay and stuff. I like doing things like that. I love research and finding things for people, so maybe people will stumble onto it.
  2. Hi from L.A.

    Hey everyone. I just found this forum and joined. I was looking for golf forums on Google and it was one of the first ones that popped up (good job with SEO!) I'm not a crazy golf guy but I've stumbled onto a bunch of indoor golf simulators and started looking them up. They look pretty cool for people that aren't members of a country club or don't live near a great golf course. Some are pretty expensive, but I guess they're full interactive simulation systems. I'm sure they're well worth the cost though. I've found them very interesting, so I decided to put a bunch of them together and a few videos of people using them. I also found a bunch of cool tshirts and golf-related products. I don't get to play much, kinda wish I did though. Actually, I've never played on an 18-hole course, just 9 hole pitch and putts. I wonder how far I could really hit the ball, I'm really not sure. It's always fun though and I can't wait to play again. I'm looking for the rules about posting links and stuff. If I can post one, I'll send ya to my weird little site. It's just a ******* lens with some of the products I found on Amazon and eBay, some videos and Cafe Press stuff related to golf. Nothing too crazy :) Have a good one. -Adam