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  1. Just to bump this one more time. The square face with the driver/wood is killing me. Even though it's not adjustable, can it be adjusted anyways (by a professional)?
  2. Go out and hit. It can't substitute for anything. I enjoy my Diablo Octane and I've only had it for a week or so.
  3. A premed student at Northwestern University (go 'Cats) majoring in Philosophy while being in a heated, honeymoon-like relationship with golf after a four year hiatus.
  4. The e6. No question for me. I look for accuracy off the tee and feel off the irons. My short game is substantially easier to handle if the ball is finding the green consistently.
  5. Quote: When I looked at the Bridgestone site, and they always recommend the E6.. unless I lie to them and say I do not fight a minor slice on tee shots sometimes. I was hesitant to hit the same brand consistently, but I decided to for a round and haven't looked back. Getting used to a ball and having confidence in it is a key step in the right direction. After looking through my "reserve stash" of 500 or so, I found a dozen E6s and went with them. Relieving to have done so. If you want a deal on a certain type of ball, let me know! I'll have it.
  6. Obviously most of us have an assortment, but if you had one "go-to" ball, what would that be and why? What was your first experience with it and how did it/does it affect your game? I go with the E6. I had a nasty slice off the tee for a long time and in the midst of correcting my swing with more wrist-turnover I started using it and haven't looked back. Absolutely improved my game. It's great off the irons and gives consistent distance. I never knew how much a ball could impact one's game, especially when the ball is used exclusively. I carry Callaways and Titleists as well, but
  7. Just ordered a Diablo Octane Driver and a Diablo Octane Tour 3-Wood and I was curious as to whether the faces can be closed by a degree similar to my T-Rail Baffler hybrid. I tend to hit the ball much straighter, specifically off the tee, when the face is closed slightly. If there are any problems with closing it from a swing standpoint, let me know. Thanks in advance.
  8. Just purchased a 54.12 and 58.8 from CallawayPreOwned. Both wedges showed up in phenomenal condition (bought them "Like New"). I can't fully attest to their performance, but after 39 holes (yes, 39), they've definitely improved my short game. The 54 is enough of a difference from my PW and covers the range where the PW becomes far too much. I love the 58 around the green and is by far enough loft. I would recommend those but it really comes down to personal preference. It's a place to start, I guess. Their warehouse sale ends tonight. I paid $132 for the two clubs. You can find several
  9. How are they selling these drivers for so cheap? They're selling the Razr Hawk for $148. That's crazy.
  10. So is it necessary to "customize" the grip at all?
  11. Thank you for the response! I was looking at the 54.12 and 58.8. Would you believe that those two, plus a PW, would be enough to get me around?
  12. Anything to say about the X-Series Jaws wedges? Edit: Last question - If I were to go with two wedges, would it be best to go with a 54 and 58, or 54 and 60. I'm guessing they're won't be much of a difference, but it doesn't hurt to ask.
  13. Honestly, it depends on the quality of the club. I could go as low as $140 for a set of Callaway Jaws wedges otherwise maybe up to $250. It's worth it. Anything in particular that sets the Vokeys apart? I've had them recommended already.
  14. Hey everyone! At this point, I only have a 56* sand wedge, and I severely need to add a gap wedge as well as a lob wedge. So at this point, a 52*, 56* and 60* would be ideal. If you have any personal recommendations, let me know! I'd be glad to hear what you all think. Thanks in advance.
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