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  1. Just purchased a Bushnell Rangefinder actually, never thought I would. It provides more help and information than you'd think.
  2. When I'm hitting my preferred little baby fade (which needless to say isn't 100% of the time), I can roll it out there around 265. Nothin' special, but it gets the job done.
  3. I definitely agree with you on this one. Starting off with a good set of forgiving clubs will help you in the long run. It will also help in that when you start having issues, you know its your swing, and theres no need to blame the equipment ;) But yes as you said marpr, Callaway's Big Berthas are splendid beginners irons, as are most Pings.
  4. Haven't heard much about the others, but I have heard great things about the new G10's and I have personally hit the TaylorMades, which are outstanding beginners clubs as well. Take a look at Callway's Big Bertha line if ya get the chance too.
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