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  1. my bro,shanked his shot then threw his driver into the canal near bye,never could understand getting so angry to do such a thing,its only a game after all
  2. Even if i was scratch i'm still going for it,and i'll blame myself for the consequences,i dont go for it because i'm a high handicap so cannot think strategy,i go for it because i believe i can pull it off,,i was playing in the 1990s so ive been around the block......lol.....i must be a bandit {H/C}
  3. I go for it 100% of the time,if i'm short its just a pitch anyway,if theres bunkers then good,i love landing in them.j/k,i just go for it whatever the situation and it usually never comes good
  4. SW,for obvious reasons,quite suprised 4i beats it as the least liked club,i'd rather a 4i over a bunker shot
  5. The hitler,never heard that before,funny,
  6. golf distance calculator states off their 5 iron shots there averaging 300 yd drives,and one lad is averaging 340 yd {better than bubba watson} drives,i do not wish to continue such futile an argument
  7. Davis love a huge hitter hits his 5 iron 185 yds,the pro/moderator hits his the same,then we have 2 and 3 handicappers stating 175 yds for their 5 iron shots,then we have mid - high handicappers outblasting both love,the pro/moderator and the nigh on scratch golfers........i'd be an idiot to believe that is true
  8. njcl13

    Driving irons

    I dont hit 50 out 50 great shots with a 1 iron,maybe i gave that impression??,i dont hit any club at such a percentage,i'm sure most of the low H/C on here would be able to hit the 1iron good,even if they have never tried it
  9. njcl13

    Driving irons

    Hope i did not appear conceited with my last post,that was not my intention
  10. njcl13

    Driving irons

    True i'm 26 handicap but i can hit a one iron with solid contact,no different than hitting a 5 iron to me,just 1 iron is a longer club,i obviously cant hit it as long as some of the guys on here,i have a spare 1 iron in good condition so want to make use of it
  11. njcl13

    Driving irons

    wayyy somebody who likes using the longest iron,i thought they had become extinct
  12. njcl13

    Driving irons

    Any players here ever use the long iron for driving on short par 4s??,i'm thinking of adding a one iron to my bag so what are the advantages,and the pitfalls??
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