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  1. What brand do you use for bag?
  2. teeitup22

    My Swing (teeitup22)

    I made it to see my evolvr instructor Stephan today which was cool! Really thought the lesson went well! Got some work to do but I'm definitely making steps in the right direction. He had me do a drill with the hanger golf aid and basically I'm working on making sure the face is square, my right wrist is flat, and trying to manage impact better. Before the face was open and then I would try to save it by closing the face well after impact. We are also working on straightening the legs and getting more vertical on the follow through. Here's a few videos:
  3. teeitup22

    My Swing (teeitup22)

    Had another really good practice session today... took me about 1 hour and 15 minutes to hit a medium bucket of balls, I think about 40 golf balls. I basically did lots of rehearsing and short slow swings... go back and look at video and hit another ball. Hit only pw, 9 iron, and 7 iron. I think I hit only about 4 full swing shots really trying to slow it down. I suspect this will take awhile to fix my casting and getting to that flat wrist (key #3 I believe)... Here's a video... think there's some improvement
  4. teeitup22

    My Swing (teeitup22)

    Here's one I did today and this was a great practice session - was able to really go slow and work on my downswing and exaggerate the follow through.
  5. teeitup22

    My Swing (teeitup22)

    I am still alive! Have not had a lot of time the past couple of years (life!) to work on my golf swing but I have started working with Stephan again with Evolvr. I'm working on creating more lag in the downswing as I am casting the club too early. Really trying to slow down and keep it short and slow practicing.
  6. teeitup22

    New Irons

    Thanks for the responses, guys. It sounds like I need to get fitted. Any recommendations? I know there is a golf tech close but have no idea on any other places to get fitted.
  7. teeitup22

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    I agree 100%. I'd be shocked if Tiger didn't pay him. When he's hurt that's not Joe's fault. He's getting something - probably a lot. Yes - if he gets reinjured or tweaks something he's probably done with his career. Which is probably why he took extra time to recover this time, he realized if he gets hurt again his career could be over. He won't win this week. No way.
  8. teeitup22

    New Irons

    I am looking to get some new irons. My current set I have had for about 7 years. I use the Cobra s2 iron set. They have been a good set for me but I hit them too high and I think they are for higher handicap golfers. I would like to try mizuno but really have no idea where to start. I did get fitted 4 years ago but would need to call them to find out what I would need. Any recommendations or suggestions? I would appreciate it.
  9. teeitup22

    2015 Wyndham Championship Discussion Thread

    Tiger looks very solid.
  10. teeitup22

    2015 Wyndham Championship Discussion Thread

    What were Tiger's odds going into today? It's too late to pick him now but just curious.
  11. teeitup22

    Jason Day a Underrated Player?

    I agree. It does seem like that injury set him back. Now with 1 major, if he keeps working hard he could be like Rory with four majors really soon.
  12. teeitup22

    In respect of the majors.

    How about something in between, like the Masters? That's what I prefer. Hard courses, but not that hard. I think a good final score is about -10.
  13. teeitup22

    2015 PGA Championship at Whistling Straits Discussion Thread

    I disagree. Becoming world number 1 is a massive achievement. He also said in the interview becoming world number 1 was a personal goal. Yes he would rather have the major, but I would think the Open Championship was more gut wrenching for Spieth than this one.

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