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  1. I have the Amp 3 wood for about a year, and have loved it off the tee, but it is a little bit long (43.5"!) for me off the deck. I am thinking I might have upgrade to the Callaway Xtreme Razr Fit 4 wood. 16.5 deg with 42.75" in length. Will see how it goes. The shaft is definitely whippy and if I miss it is usually hard left (not my normal miss). The other reason I am looking to change.
  2. I think they made pretty good stuff that was pretty economical when compared to most of the stuff on the market. I bought a 5dx Hybrid that I think is pretty damn ugly, but it is very easy to hit and has some great distance on it. I bought another head online that I am trying to find a good shaft to pair with it. I wouldn't say they are amazing stuff, but I think they attempted to push some tech features before that was the norm. I would say check them out as you could find a good club for cheap, but the same could be said for a lot of used clubs from many brands.
  3. I don't know that any of these guys really has the game for the PGA, but remember James Nitties (who they have brought up many times) was a rookie on the PGA in 2009, not sure how he did, but he made it. I think the thing that makes some of these players not seem to really have the talent, is that especially at the start, we see the weakest players hitting the most shots because they are always going to the elimination. I think Vincent has a chance (who I hope wins it, both because he seems like a nice guy, but because he went to Oregon state and is always wearing OS hats...) and the Finau
  4. I could be wrong, but I thought I saw some Callaway headcovers in Barnes bag....I didn't get to watch his final round, but I swear I saw them on Sunday, which surpised me because of his Wilson gear everywhere else.
  5. after that comment I think it will be for about $400.... I will wait to see how the FS3 and the matrix ozik xcon 6 shaft I picked up work out before I sell the FT9.......
  6. Just want to say, I have been doing some research on the geek drivers, I was interested in them, wasn't sure what model I would be interested in or where to buy. I went to the geek website (the actual one) and sent an email for an information request. No more then 30 minutes later I got a call from Steve Almo (owner, designer, etc...basically he is geek golf. We spoke for about 10 minutes, he answered the questions I had, helped me choose the FS3 (the one designed for more carry), helped me pick a loft, and even gave a couple shaft recommendations. Also gave me a distributor to call that
  7. I think it would depend on the hosel/shaft tip dimensions. if they are compatible then they should be able to put them together.
  8. I hit the J36s at golfsmith the otherday, they have a smaller very attractive head, and good feel, but I didn't really see what the shot was like with them. the other players type iron I want to hit but haven't are the Cobra pro Cb/mbs. Our pro has the cbs, and they are beautiful clubs, I really want to hit some and if I like that might be my next set. I believe that both Camillo and Geoff Ogilvy play them, not that that really matters.
  9. I bought some ProV1 logo overruns and a Mizuno MP-T Raw Haze Wedge off of there (wedge was $40, a total bargain!) and got everything pretty quickly and as ordered. For a while they were running the 906f2 and 906f4 fairway woods for $170 (that was this summer before the 909s came out). Also, on my birthday they sent me a coupon for $10 off any order during that month. Not great deals on everything, but not a bad shop in my experience.
  10. I have had my Sun Mountain Speed Carte v 2.0 for a year and a half, and I love it. The mesh puches alow for some nice storage (an extra sweater/jacket or a half rack of your favorite beverage...). It rolls great, is sturdy and has help up well for me. One thing I don't love, the hand brake isn't that great.... My brother has the bag boy LDS (I believe that is the model, has 3 wheels with the front wheel being removable) and it is a good cart, just pretty bare bones. A friend of mine just got the Clic Gear 2.0 and it is pretty nice as well, the hand brake works wonderful. If you hav
  11. I have the MX 25s, and like them quite a bit. I have them with the stock Dynalite S300 shafts. These promote a higher launch then the Dynamic golds with I a believe a lower kick point and about 20 grams less weight. I bent the shaft of my PW and replaced it with a grafalloy prolaunch blue iron shaft, I don't really notice much difference in either accuracy or distance. I am about 5'8, and over 2 bills, so don't know if I could give much advice as far as shafts or lie angles, if you are going to spend some money get him a fitting. I have had mine for a year and a half, and they are good
  12. I am no club guru, but I will say, that the longer the shaft the faster the clubhead speed will be based off of the same swing (greater arc, faster speed at the end of said arc) and if you are to hit it on the sweet spot then you should see greater distance with a longer shaft. But, are you more likely to hit it on the sweet spot with a shorter shaft? I would, but that is me. Whatever you do, have somebody that knows what they are doing make any changes for you.
  13. I am roughly your height (we are not even in the same league weight wise, unfortunately for me) and I was told to go with the same specs after two seperate dynamic fittings, other then the grip size. Based on online fittings I was told to go mostly standard with the fittings and with the larger grip. I had midsize grips, but have gone back to standard size, and have been enjoying the standard size. Definately get fitted before you buy a set and get it speced out. Also, I have the MX-25s, have had them since I was a 26 and I won't get a new set until I get down to a 14 or below. They hav
  14. I have both the Studio Design and the Circa 62, and I prefer the 62. Maybe it is because it is a tad longer, and I love the grip (the stitched leather vs the black baby T on the SD) but it is the best putter I have ever used. I think all of Scotty's are good, but there are a lot of other good putters out there as well. My brother has the new Taylormade putter (not the spider the blade one), and absolutely loves it, another buddy just got a new ping and has proceeded to shoot at least 5 strokes under his handicap in each of his last 4 rounds (not saying that is all due to his new putter, b
  15. The first thing I did when I started playing was get a new driver, I sliced the h#$$ out of it. A couple people told me to back off it and hit the 3 wood or some irons until my handicap got below 24 or so. I didn't listen for a while, didn't see any improvement then finally realized that maybe other people were right and (gasp!) I was wrong. I dropped the driver, and still hit a bit of a slice, but it was definately more controlled. After a few lessons and a lot more playing I started to hit the ball somewhat straight. I added the driver back and I have kept improving and now I love
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