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  1. Nah, I'm not rich. Mine are "only" the $150-200 range. I can't justify it either.
  2. Those are gorgeous. I have 6 pairs of myjoys. I love the ability to customize them all
  3. I agree that it would be more exciting to have a playoff hole but the course probably won't allow it unless we pay more. More exciting is why I thought about the "putt off". I like the idea of a short game playoff. The beer thing wouldn't work very well with it being a church thing.
  4. I'm all for a little bit of violence. Good suggestion
  5. Yes, time is an issue. Because of the time of day that we play (cheaper rates and after church) once in a while it gets a little bit darker. I have always made sure that the tiebreaker is stated for that reason. Nothing like pissing off your friends to make a day of golf complete. I never thought of that as an option. I guess I was thinking something more "skill-based" when I came up with the ideas. However, I do like the intrigue and randomness of this idea. Even more to think about.
  6. I hold a small scramble tournament for friends. We generally get between 16 and 24 players. Last year two teams tied for the lead and we had a putt-off with one member of each team taking one putt and closest to the cup wins (neither participant could watch the other putt). I was wondering if there was a better way to do it? I suppose my options right now are: 1. Same as last year. One putter per team, closest wins. 2. Each member of the team putts at different holes with the cumulative lowest distance to the cup wins (again, the putters at each hole couldn't watch the other
  7. I have 5 pairs. 3 are myjoys, 1 footboy BOA and 1 pair of footjoys. I do have a problem "window shopping" and coming up with more exciting color combinations than I can get in store.
  8. I like to check in and out of TST and generally enjoy the banter and discussions. One thing that I have seemed to notice are the complaints (warranted or not) that we as golfers have about people we have played with or other golfers. This includes from hitting into people, talking during swings, etc. So I'm taking my title of the post in a different direction. What do WE do that tends to annoy the people we play with? What habits do we have that cause our friends or partners to roll their eyes, complain or question us? Please keep it away from anything score related or shot related
  9. Early when I started playing the game two of my friends went to the local muni and got put with a single. It was my first time playing with someone I had never met previously. We were on a par 3 and the gentlemen hit a gorgeous looking shot straight at the pin. While in the air I stated something like "Get there. Get close. Looks good" or something like that. The guy turns, after the shot lands less than 3 feet from the hole, and says "Don't do that. Keep your mouth off my balls". Of course, my inner 13 y/o started laughing and I couldn't stop for the entire hole. Now whenever my 2 fr
  10. I hate that too. I love sunflowers seeds but is it really that hard to spit them in a used can or bottle? I don't think so I'm more apt to forgive players who don't know proper etiquette than those who just ignore it when you know that they play regularly.
  11. I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong category and/or if this has been covered already. I like to use my iPod/iphone when I'm on the rangeand sometimes when I am playing a round by myself (I find it rude to wear them when in a group of friends or a random pairing. This serves two purposes: 1. I relax more when I have music around me in pretty much every situation 2. It prevents me from listening to the randomness on the range (other swing thoughts or just plain stupidity). Has anyone used any bluetooth headphones (either in ear or over-ear)? What brand? Do you find
  12. I was playing a 4some in a charity event and saw the group ahead of us drove their 2 carts onto the green. I did three things that I thought were reasonable. First, i rode up and told them that they should never drive their cart "close" to the green and especially not on the green. There are cart paths close to the green for a reason. They blew me off so I (#2) sent a message through the GPS on our cart to the clubhouse that we were having problems with a cart and then when a ranger came out, I told him and let him handle it. They listened to him. And finally, I told the director in char
  13. Thanks for clearing that up for me paradox and dave2512. I appreciate it. It makes a little more sense now to me
  14. For anyone who has taken lessons, How did you find your teacher? Was it word of mouth, friends who have taken lessons from someone or just go to your favorite course and talk to the teaching pro there? I haven't had any friends or acquaintances take any lessons but I am looking for a "good" teacher? Thanks for the input.
  15. I'm really not that unlikeable. I generally try to do the right thing but I have made mistakes or errors in judgement.
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