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  1. Good Evening! My wife bought me a one-hour golf lesson as an anniversary present. I've only got the one lesson and can't afford to buy more right now, so I'm wondering what would be the best use of my one lesson. Assuming I need help in all aspects of my game (...and I do, I'm a super high capper), what should I take my one lesson on?
  2. I usually use whatever spare change is in my car's cupholder when I get to a course, but this summer I've been using the little magnetic ball marker that came on my most recent glove. I think I want to find a two-headed coin, then scratch up one side really bad a la Two Face from Batman. Given my putting, it seems apropos.
  3. I'll usually take a full swing with my gap wedge, but after reading this thread, I'm wondering if I'm going about it all wrong. I probably carry 100-110 with that shot if I make good contact,* and as I reflect on it, I think that when I line up this shot on the course, I'm approaching it from a place of knocking the gap way up in the air to throw a dart onto the green. I bet I'd be better off taking 3/4 of my PW and trying to run it up there if I've got an angle to do so. Thanks for giving me something to try next time I go out. * - Not always a given, see the voluminous and impo
  4. Since this thread got bumped, I suppose I'll add the worst tip I ever received. This piece of advice has caused me so many hours of despair and frustration that I cannot help but think of the person who gave me the trip—a good friend—with a sense of seething resentment. The tip: "You really should give golf a try. You'll love it."
  5. I just started playing last year. My normal playing partner and I are often in this boat (the slow-pokes), and we developed a pretty good sense of gauging how quickly a group behind us was playing and when would be the best time to wave them through. Sometimes it meant we sat around while they were still approaching the green we just cleared because we knew that we would still be chopping away down the hole by the time they reached our tee. That said, we've improved enough that, if it's just the two of us, we no longer really need to let groups play through, and it's made going out so m
  6. That makes sense. I think it would be easier for me to pass up playing if I played on a more regular basis. I just finished grad school and am still more or less on a student's budget. If I could afford to play every weekend (and my wife let me get away with doing so), it would be easier to turn down the opportunity to play when it arose. Nice profile picture, although I bet Brutus could totally outdrive Bucky.
  7. Brothers and Sisters, Instead of watching any of the Open Sunday, I went and played. I don't think I would ever choose watching any part of a pro event (on television anyhow) over playing, but I was wondering to what extent I'm representative of the norm. So, as with all things unsettled in the world, I thought I would see what the internet thought about it. Are there ever any circumstances where you would pass up on playing (and for the sake of discussion, I mean playing a regular round with your friends—not a tournament or outing or anything) in order to watch an event, either
  8. Wow. Tough crowd tonight. I was being tongue-in-cheek, which I hoped would have come through better. The idea behind the joke is interesting, though. Basically, pros play very tough courses under very unique pressures and circumstances (I, for one, never appreciated how intense their focus must be until I went to the Memorial a couple weeks ago and saw just how many people are standing there watching a player make his shot). That said, they also play in some of the most ideal conditions for golf that a player could ask for. I've often wondered how a pro tournament would lo
  9. I'm pretty excited for the U.S. Open. It's my favorite tournament, as it is for a lot of people. I think one of the reasons so many people especially like the Open is because it's one of those tournaments where pros get beat up the way weekend golfers do every time they go out (of course, a pro getting beat up by a course might mean +5 whereas a duffer getting beat up means a much higher score). I was talking about this with some friends at the office, and we started wondering how pros would do when faced with the conditions that many weekend golfers play in on a regular basis. To that
  10. thanks for all the tips, guys. Thought I'd give an update. I kept working with the 3W and 5W throughout the late summer and got more consistent with it (not consistent, mind you, but more consistent). I worked on setting up properly, choking up, swinging easy, and using a flatter swing arc, and I've got to where I'm hitting maybe 3 out of 5 shots with it for good yardage in the general direction I'm aiming. Look forward to working on it more over the winter (which reminds me, oh-god-I-need-to-get-to-the-range-I-feel-my-swing-getting-worse-with-each-passing-day).
  11. I played Golf Club of Dublin last week. It's a nice course, pretty well maintained, but not worth the greens fees they want to charge. If you get the chance to play there for reduced prices, it's worth going.
  12. Mornin! I'm a third-year law student, and I've set up my schedule to have large chunks of time during the day for studying golf. To play a lot of golf, my cost per round has to be pretty cheap. I'm in Columbus. You other Ohioans out there, what's the cheapest 18-hole golf around that isn't an utter dog track? Thanks!
  13. How about for practice? Like a good and proper hack, I have no damn clue how far I hit this club versus that club. For instance, I'm relatively sure I hit my PW 120-130 yards, straight, while I hit my 7 iron 130-140 yards in a beautiful, arcing slice to the hole to the right of the one I'm playing. Can you use a rangefinger on the range to peg where your ball landed (or a nearby pin)?
  14. I played in an outing yesterday with some older, richer colleagues, and two of them had range finders they were using to peg the yardage to the green. They seemed neat but also more than a little like cheating, but it was a scramble and it seemed like every team had at least one. So, what's the consensus on these? Are they okay for casual play (I can't imagine they are for tournaments and the like)? Also, if I wanted to scoop up a used range finder on ebay or something? Are there any decent models that I can get for a good price (maybe like around 50-100 bucks)?
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