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  1. I got fitted last year for my driver and Flight Scope showed my driver swing speed consistently in the low 90s and maxing about 95. During an iron fitting late last year, I took a lesson that was taped. The instructor seemed good but I felt he was missing something as I couldn't seem to stop casting (I'd made a little progress but still was casting some). I'd just chalked it up to 'this is my swing and I'll work on that later'. Fast forward 6 months and I've been playing well as of late but wanted to work on that casting issue thus increasing that clubhead speed up to try to get to the ne
  2. This is solid advice. Thinking less when evaluating a shot is only going to compound the errors. You still have to evaluate the lie, where you can't miss it (short siding yourself), etc.... Develop a sound preshot routine and stick to it. Then when you're over the shot, think of only one swing thought and execute.
  3. Outstanding. I hang back quite a bit throughout the round (not always) and this is a great practice drill.
  4. I notice when my ball position looks off, my head might be tilted a bit.
  5. This. I hit my lob wedge (60 degree) 80-85 yards with a full swing. I have practiced a lot hitting shots to 70 yards, 60 yards, 50 yards and 40 yards by simply varying two things. The length of my swing and how much I choke down on the club. If I want 70 yards, I take it back 3/4 and grip normal. If I want 60 yards, I grip down an inch or so and take 3/4 swing. 50 yards, grip down a little more and take it back halfway. 40 yards etc...... Experiment.
  6. A couple break throughs this week has be hitting the ball much better and putting better than ever. Full swing; getting elbows a little more away from my torso (similar to Hogan's elbows tied together image link) and stop moving my melon with my swing. Putting; found my weight going towards my toes a bit when putting. Stroking it much more solidly to the point my buddies are asking 'Who the heck are you?'
  7. Very sage advice there. When I arrive at the course, my only goal hitting balls to warm up is to 'find' a reliable driver swing key that will find the fairway. Who was it that was asked about what his swing thought was and his reply was something like 'whatever last worked'.
  8. I'll usually putt everything more than 1' away if I'm playing with someone. During a twilight speed round by myself, I'm raking the 3 footers to save time.
  9. That's it; I'm getting a current driver and a current ball and taking them back to 1960 to see what Jack would do with them. Who has the keys to the Delorian?
  10. I powered napped while he decided on 18.............. #zzztoo
  11. On Ebay. Now I switched to TaylorMade Project (a) which seems comparable to TP5s but like $25 a dozen.
  12. But doing so just prior to the round is acceptable, right? That seems like one of those applications of the Rules that are messed up as if the action prior to the round makes no difference. If it alters the ball then you shouldn't be allowed to do it prior to the round either. Or what if you put the hand warmer in the pouch where you keep the balls prior to the round starting? What about wiping your grips down during the round to get em tacky again? Not trying to be argumentative but rather point out how some rules can be taken too far in their interpretation.
  13. I have bought my premium ones on Ebay for the past several years but I'm going to stop doing that after reading how much effect sitting in the water has on a ball. For those that buy balls on Ebay or fish them out of a pond, assuming solid contact, how many times have you hit a ball that comes up short on an approach or just performs weird? While it may not be that often, Murphy's law states it'll be when it matters the most.
  14. I switched from ProV1 to Taylormade TP5. For me I picked up a few yards but still control my shots around/into the greens.
  15. Pablo68

    Tee It Forward

    Golf has a macho element to it where some guys are constantly measuring themselves instead of just having fun. Keep in mind we pay a pretty penny to play this game so why not play in such a way as to enjoy it. The courses I play have Gold (back), Blue, White, Green (senior), Red. I play the blues 99% of the time and on very rare occasions the Gold when I join a particular (or peculiar) group. It's more than just how far you hit it IMO.
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