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  1. Someone correct me if I am incorrect here.... I thought I remember reading somewhere that Tiger chose him because of the whole blood spinning for rehab deal, and something about him wanting to take the most natural process to healing as quickly as possible without taking all kinds of meds. Anyone else remember something like this? On note with his muscle mass. I have seen some folks pack on quite a bit of muscle weight by just hitting the gym and changing their diet around. Being in the military, our urinalysis tests also cover a host of things that you'd never get busted for otherwise. There's a lot of stuff that is blacklisted for our folks, that you can still get out in the civilian world. I have also seen a few guys come off of lifting heavy and drop 20-30 pounds in muscle mass and returned to their normal body size. You can tell it makes a difference, they don't even look nearly the same. Mind you, I could never deal with eating that much tuna and chicken every day....and spending 2 hours in the gym daily.....but some people can. I think so many people see so much into it because he's also a big cardio freak which trims alot of fat off and show it a little better. There are probably a few folks on tour that are physically stronger than him, there BMI is just a lot higher as well. You have to remember how small he really was back when he turned pro. He obvously looks to have a very high metabolism anyway, so his only weight gain would be in muscle mass. Not saying one way or the other as to the fact of wheather he did or didn't, but, the whole convoluted theory that people cannot change that much without it is totally unjustified and pure hogwash.
  2. @Stretch Yeah, you were one of the folks I did see make a post on this when I searched around. I was kind of suprised that no one had chimed in on your post. @jon8105 I think a few of them that are out there for the iphone are also readily available for the other smartphones as well. I know the iphone has the apple app store, I am not sure where and how other folks aquire apps for other phones though @all Thanks for the replies folks. Still messing around with Swingreader. It takes a while to render the captured video, but I like it so far. And ya can't beat free! :)
  3. I did some searching around the forums, but didn't see too many posts out there. I assume most use a regular digital camera or recorder to look at their golf swing. I just recently started looking into apps for the iphone. So, for those folks that do use a smartphone, what app do you prefer? So far it looks like iSwing is probably the most popular. I know it does cost a couple of bucks but may be worth it for the price. I just downloaded the free version of SwingReader. I intend on giving it a shot at the range tomorrow. Looks really nice for a free app. much the same as it looks like iSwing does. You can draw your lines to represent spine angle, swing plane, etc etc. I just wondered if anyone has tried out a few of them and has some opinions on what might be better as far as features, video quality, etc etc.
  4. Over the past year or two, I have successfully broken my swing. I keep from hinging the wrists I went to an early wrist set a few years back. As luck would have it, this only gets me stuck behind the club coming down and gives me all the push/fades I have been trying to rectify ever since. May help someone else out there, it may not. I do atleast admit I was looking for the wrong look/feel on the takeaway for a good long time. One thing I did take away as a reference point was him saying to keep the right arm higher than the left through the takeaway. I know this has been the exact opposite of what I was doing though this point.
  5. Same here, I also have noticed that my left arm kinds of stays locked out so I can never finish the arc. Not so much the chicken-wing effect, but my left arm becomes a flyer and doesn't want to rotate aroudn the body.
  6. I used to be able to get them for $19.99 a dozen here. I guess either my local shop wised up or Titleist did and raised the price. I couldn't find them anywhere locally for atleast 6 months. They are back around now but the price is not $34. Still a steal, but I liked $19 better.
  7. Nope...last time I checked, planes weren't dependent on wheels to takeoff.
  8. I've been messing around with my swing a little trying to promote more lag. It's working for me a little, but the more lag I get, the more I feel my right arm is really just along for the ride. As it stands right now, I'm kind of using my pointer and middle finger of my right hand to lift the head and set the wrist cock about half way up the downswing and from then on it just feels like it follows the left arms lead. It's really helping me collapse the right arm on the way up, as my old swing I felt as though my right and wrist were too dominant and held back my wrist cock and gave me a really shallow downswing. It feels a little weird right now, but I'm getting pretty good results and I can truely feel a lot more lag in the downswing. I just wondered how many people actually kind of feel the same thing, to see if I was on the right track to what most are doing/feeling. I haven't gained or lost any distance, but wondered if that would hinder any extra distance I may be able to achieve.
  9. I've had my 735's for about a week....no complaints here. I'm not one for thick soles and the like either, part of the reason I hate clubs like Ping's and the like. The sole on the 735's is fairly thin, and the 8-PW are full MB's. With the lower irons, the sole is caparatively thin too, about half a MB's mixed with half of a CB iron. The top of the head is a little thicker than my old TM 200's, but it's a good tradeoff for what I get at the bottom. That's one of the things I really noticed, I come come off really steep or really shallow depending on the lie, and club will keep going no matter which.
  10. I just replaced my 200's with a set of Titleist 735's. I may be selling them in the not so to distant future. I'll keep you in mind if you are still interested....
  11. I actually just recently got over this one a few days ago. I din't do it every time, but was really inconsistent and they were always weak right shots when I flubbed it. I've been an interlocked gripper ever since I started playing 10 or so years ago. That's the way I learned, so I just stuck with it. Well, the other day I must have had an epiphany...dunno why or what posessed me to do it. I tried changing my grip over to a normal traditional grip and stopped interlocking. It felt weird at first, but after playing with it for a few days, I can't even go back to the old grip now. I turn the club over a ton better now, it's given me about 5yds extra too because I have a better release. I don't feel like my right arm has a much control over it any more, it's just along for the ride, so I don't end up with the club face so open any more. It allows my left hand to ride through and turn the club over. It may not work for others, or even which type of grip you use, but I think it's about the single best thing that has changed my habits around since I started playing.
  12. I was a skeptic until recently..... I made the move the other day and won on a set of brand new chrome Titleist 735's. Only cost me $400. They are on their way to closout prices, but the retail place near here is still trying to sell the stainless steel version(cheaper of the two) for $599 still. I'm sorry, but $200 AND getting a better quality club is a huge difference. It's opened my eyes a lot as far as eBay is concerned. Just in the last couple days I've seen more of them go for 420-550. Saw a brand new set of Nike blades go for $420 the other day. If you can find a retail business matching those prices, please, let me know.
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