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  1. Wow, yeah Al needs a new hobby....
  2. played nine after work as is mine and my buddy's ritual every Wednesday, shot a 50, about 3200 yards for that nine
  3. I know you mentioned you don't like using your smartphone but that's how I do it. I keep my hcp and statistics with the oobgolf.com android app. It's very user friendly, quick and easy. You can choose which stats you'd like to track and I chose sand shots, penalty strokes and putts. GIR is calculated automatically if you track putts. When you go to the website to view your round afterwards you get more detail which I love. Congrats on getting to a 31 in just a couple months, that's where I am and it's taken me a year.
  4. got mine today! 3 weeks short of a year playing the game. sunk a 6 footer after sticking my second shot on the par 4 1st at happy valley golf course in Wilson nc. it was the start of even better things for me as a I went on to break 100 for the first time shooting 97. I played the whole round with that ball so he's definitely getting to retire after today! srixon ad-333, gotta love it!
  5. Well today turned out to be the day! I started playing last June and after 49 weeks I finally broke 100 and hit my first birdie in the same round. My goal had been to break 100 within a year. Played the blues at Happy Valley Golf Course in Wilson NC, 68.1/119, 5807 yards. I knew it was going to be a good day when I birdied #1, again that was my first birdie ever! I started with 45 on the front and felt good going into the back. Started to get a little anxious toward the end of the round knowing I was so close to my goal and even 4-putted #17. Finished the round with a bogey and man
  6. 107. still trying to break 100 for the first time. started playing 10 1/2 months ago and my goal is to shoot 99 before june 15. for me it's the blow up holes. today I had 5 holes that were triple bogey or worse. I just can't seem to get consistent. by consistent I just mean limiting to say no more than 1 triple every 9 holes, not 5 in a round! gotta love it though!
  7. 101 on a 120 slope course at 6000 yrds.....two quads did me in. this was hands down the best I've ever struck the ball. short game and putting are costing me way too many strokes. my quest for 99 continues.....
  8. shot a 110 at Farmville Country Club today... the quest for 99 continues....
  9. I'm a Wilson Staff Duo guy. $20 for a dozen and they feel great off the driver and putter.
  10. 113 at Ironwood Country Club in Greenville NC. 60 on the front and 53 on the back. Played from from the yellows, slope is 120 and yardage is 5965. Probably the hardest course I've played but a very nice one. Inconsistent ball striking and blowup holes are keeping me from my goal of breaking 100. I know it will come but I'm getting impatient. Playing for 9 months now and ready for a 99 already!
  11. check out the Wilson Staff Duo or Noodle Easy Distance, they are the lowest compression balls on the market so they're perfect for slower swing speeds
  12. ecureed

    Driving Distance

    high capper here so driving distances are all over the place. i could hit one 175 and the next 215. i'd say my average is 190.....lots of work to do....and let me just say i've read a couple posts about strength and i'll agree that has nothng to do with it. one guy said he cant do more than 2 pushups but averages 290, i could knock out 50 pushups no problem
  13. Noodle+ Easy Distance--Golf Digest Hot List ball, extremely low compression (2nd only to Wilson Staff Duo) and significantly softer cover than most 2-piece balls and.....$11.97 per dozen at Walmart makes is a great ball for the $ Wilson Staff Duo is awesome! (but $8 more per dozen than the Noodle)
  14. i added to my growing stash of balls today while at walmart, picked up a dozen noodle+ easy distance.....i've got to get a grip on this!
  15. Ditto on the right foot slipping. Played in running shoes last Saturday and that was my issue.
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