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  1. The x607 is a metalic gold color, but color or not seems to really perform, but I'll see when I get it to the course...bwgolfer
  2. Hey delav I had the pleasure of playing Champions Run in Omaha this summer. I was very impressed, what a great track and what seemed to be a great club. Have you played there? What other courses in Omaha are similar? Bwglfer
  3. I find for myself that my bushnell v2 tends to keep me in the moment on each shot I face during the round. Didn't always have this and found my mind wandering(57 1/2 years old) during the round, not so much now. The thing I like most in the compairision between the finder and the golflogix is the ability to shoot not only the flag but hills, bumps, trap lip etc when making up my mind on how I want to attack the shot. See if where you play if they have a demo to take on the course and see if it works for you....Brooks
  4. I just recieved and took to the range a new driver combo that I'm now most impressed. A G10 9* with a stiff rombax x607 shaft that had been spined. We'll see when I get it to the course but early indications show what a strong combo I've come accross. Has anyone else out there had any experience with the rombax shaft family?
  5. If you truely have a 101 swing speed, meaning that you went to golf galaxy or golfsmith and got on the monitor which will tell you what your swing speed is. If you have done that and you do have a 101 swing speed then you should be using a stiff shaft on all of your clubs. That swing speed will over power the regular shaft creating head flex at the moment of impact causing you to produce weak pop up fades to the right. Some club fitters try to recomend weaker shafts to people in an effort to make them swing SLOW but that's not the nature of man. Swinging SMOOTH with your natural power gets yo
  6. Tuesday the 4th hole at my club is a par 4 346 yard slight dog leg left around native grass field and is about 250 carry to the corner. Well I nutted my 12* right over the corner and thought it might be pretty good(can't really see the green from tee) drove up and had a 15 footer which I dropped for a 2. Some fun huh?
  7. bwgolfer


    Erik, I didn't mean to upset you, but it has been my experience over many years of wearing glasses on the course that pollarized lenses give you the sensation of the ground being closer to you than it is, thus distortion, I never said it didn't cut the glare. Now if you don't have that problem great, but these threads are for opinions about our experiences in golf and the fun of sharing them....bwgolfer
  8. When you come to address with the ball, lift your right heel(if you are right handed) slightly off the ground, now swing the club focussing on hitting the golf ball first. If you get this down you will become very consistant with your irons and wedges...bwgolfer
  9. You have developed what is called a "one plane swing" I suggest you pick up the James Hardy CD for instruction of the One Plane or Two Plane golf swing......bwgolfer
  10. bwgolfer


    Yes I wear Peak Vision and they work very well now in the early spring, we'll see when we get to the high sky of summer. Avoid polarized it distorts what you see. The peak's have a lense that has different zones that adapt to the conditions. So far so good....bwgolfer
  11. It sounds to me that you are hitting way to much of the "BIG BALL" The only thing that makes your elbows hurt is blunt trama with the ground, I know it was happening to me so I changed to grafite iron shaft's, but you already have that. The only other thing you can do after you ice for a few days and calm it down is become more of a sweep striker of the golf ball. Play every shot off the middle of your stance and put the same swing on your irons that you would your 3 wood. It'll take a few bucket's of balls but if you set up with the face a tick open and swing with a slight cut swing it goes v
  12. Today I think "workability" ia over rated. Ireally think if a club fit's your eye and you feel good over it, play those clubs. There is an element of snobs out there that think unless they are swinging BLADES then they are something less than they are. Last time I looked, golf is about how many not how you got there. Style points are for loosers, go with what makes you comfortable. I personally don't like the look of offset thick top line clubs. So I play what I like looking at and it works for me. Remember "there are no pictures on the score card".....bwgolfer
  13. I really think the difference is alot of things. Athletic ability, commitment, not being afraid to succeed, and just an understanding and imagination of how to play the game. To say it's not based on talent is wrong because you can practice untill your blue, but it's what happens when the heats on that makes it special. I love the feeling that I'm about to throw up because then I know I'm in the middle of it and I now have the chance to raise "MY LEVEL" and play better than I have before. If you want to get to single digits you have a chance because you want to, but the only way I know to get
  14. It really depends on what the shot is telling you to do. Where's the pin? Just of the front(flop) Deep into the green with alot of green to work with(pitch and run) Up hill or down hill. Cut lie or hook lie? This is why you need to work on many different types of shots and build confidence in each one when it presents it's self....bwgolfer
  15. The good news is that I shot a 73 from the tips today. The bad news is that I had 5 birdies and an eagle on a par 5. Talk about Jeckel and Hyde....bwgolfer
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