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  1. Eric, your juvenile name-calling in lieu of actually addressing the points I made demonstrates clearly that I was correct. My response to your comment was direct, on point, and explained precisely with examples why you were wrong. You responded with the maturity of a 13 year old boy on a video game website with conclusory statements, no more. In fact, your post said little more than the oft-heard playground chant "IKNOWYOUAREBUTWHATAMI? ~~"IKNOWYOUAREBUTWHATAMI?" . Your post, childish personal attacks and all, was a rant. My comments were far from being "absurd" or a "random rant."
  2. Nonsense. I've pissed off a few people here because I have voiced strong opinions on certain subjects and several people have disliked what I said not because I was unfair, inaccurate, made personal attacks or used profanity (which I refrain from doing), but because they were unable to come up with better, more intelligent responses and their egos were too inflated to admit someone else had a better point. I'm engaging in a discussion for the purpose of discourse, not for the purpose of feeling better about myself by putting others down. That's not being rude. If someone makes a dumb and inacc
  3. No, not really. I made a rather general statement. Club Ho, in his eagerness to assert what a terrific guy he is by putting someone else down (something I confess I used to do but discontinued around the middle of 9th grade), jumped to conclusions and chose to attribute to me a very narrow, specific interpretation of my words, even though there was no basis for so doing, in order to support his feeble attempts to claim I am an annoying fool.
  4. Again, you're making a snap judgment and you're wrong. I never said I "stood directly behind the golfer." I was standing about 20 feet back from the tee box and slightly to the left of my friend, out of his direct view and in an unobtrusive position, where I usually stand and where my playing partners usually stand when I'm hitting off the tee. I was standing where one should stand, to watch the ball flight of one's playing companions' balls so as to help them find them if they are offline and cannot readily locate it - it's an important part of playing ready golf, to be able to help
  5. Thank you for the positive comment. You are entirely correct that I was trying to balance being helpful with avoiding being intrusive with unsolicited advice, particularly since my friend is a better golfer than I was. Golf is one of the toughest activities to master and I think one generally does need to have a very low handicap and/or be a teaching pro to understand the mechanics of a golf swing well enough to give thorough or more than basic advice . However, there are some elements of the game that are fairly obvious and some faults do not require a complete understanding o
  6. Try reading one of the books by John Sarno, M.D. He is one of the primary researchers on the connection between physical pain and mental factors (psychosomatic pain). I have no personal experience with his theories, but have heard good things about his books and the reviews on Amazon are extremely positive.
  7. 50 yards. It was my best day ever - I was totally alone on the course on a cloudy weekday morning, I was playing two balls and never got to finish because of a thunderstorm - I had to play speed golf just to complete the 9th hole as the rain was pounding down and at least get to put down a 42 and a 43 on my scorecard for 9 holes. It was years before I played nearly that well again.
  8. Faraway, that's pretty amazing - I thought you were referring to clubs in a more general sense that would include such organizations as gentleman's clubs in London (a vastly different thing than an American "gentleman's club" which is a fancier, more polite term for "nudie bar"). Like I said, I don't think I've ever heard of an all-women golf club in the US - a quick look on Google turned up some women's clubs (i.e. groups or associations) at co-ed courses, but no females-only golf courses. I agree that if a private club wishes to take advantage of any public privileges, such as non-pr
  9. I think this "well there are plenty/as many/more women's-only clubs of various sorts as there are men's club's" argument doesn't hold a whole lot of water for several reasons. First, most of those women's clubs are probably clubs involving craft-type activities that no man has ever shown any interest in joining. I bet that most craft clubs and a fair number of bridge or other card game or book clubs that have all female memberships would allow a man to join if a member said "My boyfriend/husband loves [this game or our book selections] and wants to join." The membership of most of those clu
  10. This thread got me thinking, and I can't recall ever having a golf dream. I've had dozens of downhill skiing dreams over the past three decades and in every one of them, I've been a much faster, smoother skier than I am in real life; it's frustrating when I get out to a ski hill/mountain and can't replicate on a real slope (at least one steeper than a basic Green trail) what I could still recall from my dreams on what seemed to be Blue and Black trails. Something similar used to happen to me in high school and college when I'd speak French in my dreams - I was fluent in my dreams but never q
  11. Being homeschooled shouldn't keep a kid from being on the local high school's golf team - I think it's pretty much mandated that public schools open up their extracurriculars to homeschooled kids. Having said that, I agree with SloverUT - practicing all day every day will wear a person out physically and mentally. I would think that the amount of golf you are playing sounds about as much as, if not more than, I'd ever want my kid to play, even if she did have LPGA aspirations. And speaking of the LPGA tour, Lexi Thompson was homeschooled, although she did have a number of older brothe
  12. Wisguy

    Big Break NFL

    Now I'm not a woman regardless of breast size and I've never played one on television. However, I really have to question what sort of lunacy would make any female athlete with aspirations of turning pro get breast implants in general, let alone ones as big as Meghan had installed, particularly in a sport like golf where they can effect balance so much. I've known women who had chests not much heftier than Meghan's who got breast reduction surgery because of how they interfered with their coordination and caused back problems. Spit, what you say is true, which makes the following, tak
  13. I clearly counted some chickens before they hatched. What a poor showing. Regardless of the coach, Wisconsin traditionally has at least one bad game a season. Yesterday's home loss was that game. No BCS bowl game for the Badgers. Probably still a New Years bowl, though.
  14. Please see below http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2y8Sx4B2Sk
  15. So let me get this straight, you don't like it when people address your comments in a dismissive fashion. Uhhmmm, OK. You aren't familiar with this thing called "irony," are you? I suppose if my alma mater had been gifted with a national championship via the most imaginary pass interference call in history, I too might get tired of all the "should have" and "that was completely ridiculous!" type comments for many years afterwards. But tell us, what sports discussions do you consider to be more of a proper use of one's energy? Which ones are so vastly more constructive and usef
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