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  1. They would start making new rules. For example: You are allowed to tackle Tiger at his address. You would be allowed to scream during is downswing (3 a round per pairing). Something along those lines.
  2. I am 24 and just started last June. I played baseball and football my whole life and thought golf was a sissy sport. After this past summer, golf is all I want to do. I absolutely love the game. I am consistently shooting in the high 80's and low 90's so I can pretty much play with most of my friends talent wise. I live in Pittsburgh so I haven't played since mid November so its eating me inside. I want to get better and better everytime I go out.
  3. My favorite shot to play is just about anything from 165 in. Thats basically my 8 iron thru LW. Seem to keep control of ball flight and spin. My least favorite shot is my 3 and 4 iron. Doesn't matter if I'm in the fairway or the rough, can not seem to make solid contact. Most of the time I completely chunk it and it might roll 70 yards. This is my biggest problem and one of the main reasons my score gets high.
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