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  1. I just bought one and played 3 rounds with it. I'm coming from a Scotty Futura (Mallet style), so it is a drastic change. Feels feel putter I've ever used. Full shaft offset is also taking time to adjust coming from a no offset putter. You know exactly where you missed it on the face. My problem is long putts hit off-center kill distance. I need to practice center hits on long putts. I've been leaving everything short. Mallett was nice b/c anywhere on the face went the same distance. I guess that's good and bad.
  2. I have hit both and winner for me was the Callaway. It hit it more consistent off the deck. Callaway 3w off the tee was 10 yards longer than the burner. I almost hit the 3w as far as my Titleist D2 driver and it is easier to hit the fairway. Callaway 5w and burner were roughly the same distance, but again Callaway was easier off the deck. My $.02
  3. I might do the same. i just bought the 775.cb and I realized my PW is a 45 loft and my next club is a SW at 54 degree. Incorrectly, I assumed my PW was closer to a 48. I wish they would keep to traditional lofts on player and game improvement clubs. Chris
  4. Agree 100%! I have the X (not Hot) 3 wood and never hit a fairway as straight or as far. Barely a need to hit driver now. Carry 245-255yd with 3 wood and 260-265 with driver. Great great club. Not as easy for me to hit off the carpet though.
  5. Any issues hitting the F4 off the deck.