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  1. You may want to look at your spine angle as well. If you start to stand up on the downswing it will cause toe hits.
  2. Ok, Ill do that this weekend. Thanks
  3. I'm hitting the ball in the center of the face but the ball flight is really high.
  4. thanks for the input I think I'll try the S200 in a 6 iron and see what happens!
  5. Hey there...I'm new to the forum and was hoping to get some club fitting help. I'm hitting Ping S56 irons with Regular (DG R300) shafts. My 6 Iron SS is 92. My last set of irons were Titleist 690MBs with the same shafts. I'm playing at 4000ft and can't seem to get an 8 iron to go over 150. 6 iron 175. doesn't seem right to me at sea level (a few years ago, I'll admit) i coul;d hit an 8 iron 160. If my math is correct, that 150 8 iron is really 138! Could it be the shaft? Thanks