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  1. Mizuno JPX-825 or JPX-800… which ones are better?? Took me 3 months this summer to decide of my new iron set. I was finally ready to buy the 800 but then the 825 came out; Are they better? Having lost all that time and being really ready for new irons, I sincerely don’t mind the 100$ difference between the 825 and 800, just want to buy the best out of these two iron sets. Thanks for your feedbacks!
  2. Someone tried the JPX-825? How do they compare with the JPX-800? Thanks
  3. Well, tous les gouts sont dans la nature! There is something out there for everybody's taste! More info about the 825? When will they be available?
  4. JPX 825?? This is exactly what i was wondering this week, if Mizuno would launch a new line soon. So either I would prefer the new model, or if not I would save 200$ on the JPX 800...
  5. ... or Adams Black CB3 ?? Haha, too many choices out there, I can't take a decision!!! Thanks for your opinions.
  6. If you have to pick a 3 wood that would stay in your bag for the next 10 years, which one would it be? Which one is the best right now in your own opinion? Thanks
  7. ...just eliminated the Razr X. Now its between the AP1 and the JPX. Why in my life I always prefer the most expensive things??? I predict a victory of the JPX.
  8. ...or Titleist AP1 ? Thanks for your great feedbacks regarding the JPX 800. They lead the race right now, after having compared them to the Razr X and the G15. I will go back friday to compare JPX800 again to the Razr X, and to the AP1.
  9. Thanks for your answer! Please let me know your feedback after trying them!
  10. ...Not the G15! After trying these 3, I at least rapidly eliminated the G15. I really liked the JPX 800 and the Razr X. Now I dont know which one to choose! I think I prefered the JPX 800. If anyone has positive or negative feedback about these two iron sets please let me know!
  11. Hi, I play golf 5-6 times a year. Best score 84, worst, you don’t want to know. I usually play around 100, but not a 100 with 9 bogeys and 9 double bogeys. More a 100 with birdies, pars, and… triple bogeys. Main problem: consistency. Will hit one drive super straight, 280yards; Next one will be deep in the woods. Will hit a perfect 8 iron shot, super high, about 150 yds, with nice backspin; Next hit will be in the water. I love some of my shots that looks like the ones on TV, and hate so much the other ones (this is also a reflection of my relation with golf: love and hate!) I
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