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  1. Just swapped my SkyGolf GT2 setup for the Arccos 360 today. Hoping to get out early next week to try it out! Will post here after I do that. Random side note, is it possible to use Arccos the night before to plan out a round?
  2. haha, yes, that's probably true. See, this is what happens when I try to incorporate my "tinkering" nature around the house and on my cars into golf. Appreciate the insight.
  3. @iacas: I have a daily putter that I'm in love with (Odyssey #9) and it won't be replaced in my bag in any meaningful round anytime soon. This is more about having something fun to restore and use periodically. Call it a project, I suppose. Just be fun to have an old stick laying around to toy with.
  4. I've used a Yes! Callie putter for a few years now and have generally enjoyed it. However, I'd like to upgrade a bit to something a bit nicer. After having spent years looking at the neat restorations at the Cameron site, I'm really interested in finding a used Scotty and having it restored/refinished to my liking. So, with that in mind, what are some of the older Scotty's that can be had for $100 or less? I see a lot of Circa 62's floating around. Thanks in advance, Chappy
  5. Yeah, White Lick is walking only unless you have a medical condition or are old. I also have a cart bag but I just rent a push cart to use for it. I think the average Par 4 is right around 300 yards or slightly above that. Long hitters can overpower the course pretty easily so I generally try and focus on strategy to use different clubs in my bag.
  6. Interesting, we live in the same city and play the same courses. My local is White Lick.
  7. The only TH course I've played is Coyote Creek (formerly the Elks I believe). It was a company outing so I wasn't paying anything and it was an okay course. Definitely a bit overpriced though looking at the pricing list in the clubhouse. Granted, I'm probably just being a snooty Indy guy.
  8. Ha, thanks. Saw it on another forum and had to have it.
  9. Haha, very true. On a similar note, I live down the street from the team's actual headquarters.
  10. Welcome cardsfan. I live on the westside of Indy. I'll be visiting TH sometime this week for work, decent little town.
  11. Well, keep in mind that on the internet you typically only here from those who are upset. That said, there have been some bugs with the SGX that were quickly corrected in an April 20th update (and another one before that) and they came out yesterday and said they'd have another major update by Wednesday night ( click here for details about 1.0.11). The uPro is a nice piece. Personally, I chose the SGX and have had zero problems so far. I'll admit there are some that have had many issues, but like I said, people who are upset tend to vent their frustration on the internet more than thos
  12. Hey everyone, I set up a member group over at ClubSG for those of us with a SkyCaddie who use that for our stat tracking, etc. and visit TST regularly. Click here to join. I figured it could be kind of cool to see how we're all doing and how we fare as a group.
  13. Hey Cheez, try entering your last name and zip code only. It was mentioned on another site that a rep told someone to try that. It worked for me. Makes me wonder if all the data entry wasn't yet complete for the website. Anyway, see if that works for you.
  14. I just so happened to run across this last night in Wal-Mart of all places. This tool should work perfect I would think.
  15. You'd think it would be worthwhile for a club to post instructions w/ small graphics on their scorecards (or maybe a small insert). Sure, not everyone would read them, but I'll bet a lot would and it would save the course a lot of trouble in the long run.
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