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  1. So I just started playing golf about a month ago, but I have played baseball all the way up to college, and now men's softball (I'm 25). The only way it feels comfortable for me to hold the club is baseball style- when I interlocking my fingers, I seem to shoot worse. Also I noticed (and so have my buddies) that I slightly lift up my front foot every time, and pull my shoulder back in my follow through (I'm a pull right handed hitter) Is the baseball gripe a viable option if it feels a lot more comfortable? And what are some good strategies to fix my swing besides the obvious "put more weight on your front foot and don't lift it up"? I think I get inside my head to much, cuz at the driving range I clear my head and do pretty well.
  2. I am very new to golf- I'm 25 but I just picked it up the game about a month ago. I had never gone before (just the driving range every so often) and my friend dragged me with him- I ended up doing surprisingly well (hit the fairway on most of my first shots, had a few holes +1 or +2) and now I am hooked! Anyway, I rented clubs the first 2 times, but realized I should buy my own used set to start off, so I got a full set and complimented it with a couple hybrids. All the clubs together cost me about $120- I figure I can replace clubs as I get better. So in the set I have: 1W, 3W, 5W 1H (15 degree), 2H (18 degree), 4H (24 degree) 3i-9i PW, SW, putter Now I realize I can only have 14 clubs, so I figure 3i and 4i are gone. I love all 3 of the hybrids and can hit them well, but I have trouble with the driver. The 3w and 5w I don't use as much, but can hit those okay. So what I'm wondering is do I have major gaps/overlaps in my set? Do I not need the 3w or 5w if I have the 1H and 2H, or do I keep them all if they work better in different situations since they are similar distance and loft? Also, is the gap from 5w to 4h too much? What other clubs would you suggest to someone who does better with the hybrids? Thanks for your help everyone.
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