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  1. I am a righty swing and the pain is just south of my right nipple.
  2. OP here..(thread is pushing 3 years old!!) I'm embarrassed to say that I haven't played golf at all this year. I went out for the first time last week and chunked a few good ones out there. After I was finished I had that same slight pain in the same spot! After 3 years? I am very active playing all sorts of volleyball, softball, etc. It must be a muscle that is only triggered via a (bad) golf swing.
  3. What are your thoughts on Pressure Point 3? I started to put all of my focus only on feeling constant pressure there from the start and all the way through the downswing until after contact. The key being that the initial pressure is created via my body pivot and not my hands "pushing" on the club. If I can time the pivot just as the club is still going back, I can really feel the pressure build up on PP3. From there it seems like the rest of swing just takes care of itself. I took a quick side view of my swing and it was night and day from last year. My hands were actually a
  4. Hey!!! Its the Airport Driving Range!! Its open??
  5. Thanks for all of the replies, guys. It really helps. I think I am going to break for a while. If (when) I get the itch again, I am going to remind myself why I got into this game in the first place. I just got so caught up in mechanics and positions that I lost all feel for my own swing.
  6. Simply put, I'm not having fun anymore. Playing OR practicing! I used to have tons of fun when I first started 5 years ago. I developed some wacky homegrown swing that worked for me and kept me in the low 90s. That was acceptable and fun for me. Then, one day, I decided I would try to get better. (Big mistake?) Started taking lessons, reading tons of articles, watching instructional videos, researching different methods, etc etc. Turns out, I got WORSE! This summer was an absolute complete wash. I invested so much time and money last year into "getting better" that I felt if I did no
  7. Then what? You'll regularly carry 290? Sorry, sorry, I couldn't help myself. hahahh
  8. Interesting charts, thanks. Why the difference in attack angle of the driver between women and men?
  9. I dont want to point fingers at anything but myself, but I do believe mats ruined my golf season this year. I began taking lessons late last year and seriously practicing all through winter in a golf dome (mats). We were making some good progress, but I could never really get the feel for ball first contact. I would hit the mat and the ball at the same time and, to me, that was a good shot. When I took that swing to the course for the first time in the spring....BOY was it an eye opener. I was chunking it all over the place and flipping, etc. Lost about 20 yds per club in distance. The
  10. When he got his first win a few weeks ago and he started crying, I could not help but join with him. GO BUBBA :*-(
  11. I'm the same. Sky high and off to the right you say? Also, lack of expected distance I assume? For me, it is due to a terrible flip at the ball coming into impact. I have made eliminating that horrible, ugly, swing fault my top priority.
  12. Look into buying Brian Manzellas "confessions of a former flipper" video. I watched it once and can already tell that its going to help me eliminate the dreaded flip. I am going to watch it again and see if I can absorb some more ideas from it. He really emphasizes "hitting it with your pivot" while just using your hands to hold on to the club. If you use your body correctly, you will have no reason to flip.
  13. Might be hitting the ball off center. If you hit the ball close to the heel or toe, you will feel the club twist in your hands. Might want to check where you are making contact on the clubface.
  14. I'm pretty sure I pulled my chest muscle from hitting fat shot after fat shot after fat shot at the range. So, I would say that my injury came as a result of bad swing technique. Lol
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