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  1. really? ladies and jr's loose distance? I would have put money on it that it was the opposite way. What would your guess be on lost yardage of a Pro V to a Womens ball? The only reason I ask this is that I hit a "comparison drive" this weekend. First ball was with my R7425 and a Pro V, my buddy just got an F12 so I hit another with it and for some unknown reason someone in the 4 some had a DDH lady that I teed up and put about 5 yards shorter than my first drive.
  2. I don't know about others but when I started at 10 years old I was playing hockey, baseball, soccer and swimming at the same time. My parents told me if I wanted to play golf I had to use money from mowing my grandparents lawns for clubs. Obviously I didn't have much and was at a friends house who's dad played golf when he was younger but didn't have the time for it anymore, he had a bag of mismatched blades from the late 70's that all still had leather wrapped grips on them and persimmon woods. one way or another he ended up giving/selling them to me so I could start to take lessons and get i
  3. rusty, the reason for replacing is simply due to age and fatigue. That's what I had planned to do with my 6 iron I just dont hit my 6 very often that it needs it as my 6 iron cracked at the hozel and the one I ordered is minus 1 inch on it's current shaft
  4. Hey everyone, I'm going to be reshafting my irons after my next tournament and was wanting some advice. I am currently playing Mizuno MP-14's with S300's which has been my shaft of choice since 2000. I plan on going with what I know and having new S300's put in the heads and some new grips put on them after the come back from getting re grooved and plated. HOWEVER I was playing TaylorMade rac MB irons before I returned to mizuno this season that have Rifle 6.0 shafts in them that are pretty much brand new. I have been considering just swapping heads on those shafts and getting new grips
  5. we used to do a drill once a week on my HS team that was a single iron and a putter for our round. I would choose my 7 iron most of the time but sometimes a 5 iron. This was probably one of my favorite practice days the other one was when we played the course only from the bunkers.
  6. In all reality he's probably playing a direct copy of what ever forged blade on the market, be it Miura/Mizuno/Titelist what ever I dont see nike engineers being able to recreate the blade from all their own designs that was LEAPS andbounds better than companies that have been making them since the mid 1900's. Drivers and woods I would be confident in saying that Tigers big bodied clubs are as much Nike as the Karman Ghia was a Volkswagen. I'm sure things along the lines of drivers and fairway woods maybe even wedges would have a big enough trickle down that his stuff would warant them
  7. yeah we just had a miura dealer open up in my city that does a flat rate per club for them which means I can match the heads to any shaft and grip he has access to for $235 a piece. When I demoed them I was 100% happy with the standard silver heads and the KBS tour 90 shaft that I hit in the store. He keeps tour velvets on his demo shafts since it's a cheap but good grip and most people are ok with it for demo stuff. I went back in a few days later to get some new spikes for me shoes as mine were shot and he was setting up a new KBS display and it had a black shaft in it so I asked him
  8. I can understand that john but don't worry I haven't looked at a magazine in years. These are clubs I've hit before but didn't have the pockets to build them right. As far as the grips go. I've played tour velvets for about 8 years but tried a set of duoduros this season and liked them a bit more so right now I'm not discounting any grip
  9. the heads are going to be Miura blackblades http://miuragolf.com/productimages/blackblade_beautyfromtheeast.jpg with KBS tour black shafts http://kbsgolfshafts.com/shafts/kbs-tour-shaft and what ever grip feels the best in my hands in a solid black. These should be REALLY REALLY sweet and I cant wait to get them built
  10. thanks for the feedback everyone, i really appreciate it. I have printed out the score cards and am waiting to hear back from the tournament director on what tees my flight is playing and will be going to the range tomorrow and again saturday (my tournament is next sat) at my flights tee time and then I will go back out to the range again next thurs to play the "simulated card course). Here goes nothing right? I'm hoping for the best but ready to have fun no matter what happens and am ready to see where my tournament mental game is at.
  11. OK I have my first tourney of the season coming up (yes I know its late for a first but I've been rebuilding this year) next weekend. Right now my routine has been(putting) 10 in a row from 3 feet (only looking at the ball at setup then keeping focus on the hole), a 4 ball latter starting at 3 feet then moving the next ball 1 putter length back making 3 of 4 three times before moving on. Next is what I call a funnel drill, what I do is start at 3 feet then the next ball is 3 feet over 1.5 feet back (continued for 5 balls). I must clear the funnel 3 times. I then move to lag putting and putting
  12. Not sure how many pros/instuctors/coaches we have here on the board. I have however been wondering if there was a difference in reality between individuals that take these given titles or if tournament players want to sound special even if only to themselves
  13. Matt, its not really that I'm reading into the numbers extensively but it is tough to discount them when the computer feedback is matching up perfectly with the real world results. It's really telling me its time to get my swing tweaked for the better.
  14. Yeah I just picked up a new roll of duct tape to see where I'm contacting the club face. A bit off the heel is a defense possibility
  15. Mv that's what we are going to be looking out when I get on the range with the pro. I am already struggling with plying an unwanted powerfade I'm hoping I'm not hitting down on the ball too much
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