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  1. I wasn't playing at the time, but I always heard that around 2006-2008 is when driver technology "turned up." That being said, if it fits and it grips, it rips! I play an R1 with a 43.75" GD shaft. I hit it much better than any of the demo clubs (M1, M2, G, etc etc).
  2. I had an ingrown fingernail on my right hand one time. I tried to keep playing and adjusted my grip to accommodate. The grip screwed me up (it was sort of a 2 finger Furyk grip) and was causing issues in the swing with the adjusted grip. Ended up hurting my back trying to use it. WTH! The body is a finely tuned machine. Take care of it! Everyone do yourselves a favor, stand up and get a couple hip flexor, wrist, neck, back stretches in for a few minutes...
  3. I play the ball in the same position as about a 5iron. I swing like it's a 5 iron. I make sure to hit down on the ball like I'm pinching it, as I would with an iron.
  4. I don't really recall ever being matched up with someone who was insufferable. What's that saying, look around the room for the stupidest guy, if you can't find him, it's you?
  5. Really appreciate the input @mvmac. Wondering when I will be receiving my TST invoice for work rendered over two years worth of swing thread... Did not realize where my head/eyes were at. What a difference it makes to stare down the ball from middle of the eyes rather than head up and looking down to it. That seems to facilitate a shoulder turn around the axis and prevent excessive lateral sway. I've found now that when I find myself with my head up and eyes looking downward to the ball, my head/neck prevent a smooth shoulder turn and cause me to sway back in my swing and off the ball, whi
  6. Wireless headphones with an album you know all the words to. Something familiar and relaxing might put you at ease. Or swing lube.
  7. Video A is a very straight ball with a lot of distance (for me). Target is the tiny white flag/club house. Carry is around 240 yds, with another 15 yds or so of rollout. Video B is an example of my miss which is becoming more common the past month. I "feel" the same when making the swing but the result is a big high slice way off target. It is manageable on course but still a big miss and ugly. Can anyone spot a difference in swings between the two videos? Video B I feel like I end up very off balance. Video A https://youtu.be/6nravVZ4ATE
  8. Step 1: Olsen files for freezing the case based on the anti-SLAPP statute (depending on his state). Step 2: Once the anti-SLAPP is filed for, Woods' counsel can not demand any documents, etc. Long story short, Olsen doesn't have to spend any additional $ on defending himself or be subject to legal harassment (subpoenas, request for documents, etc). Step 3: Judge decides, after review, that Woods has no case. Step 4: Woods is responsible for reimbursing Olsen's anti-SLAPP filing and any legal fees incurred. Still hope Tiger takes him to court, that'd be hilarious and awesome
  9. Defamation is a gray area. There is clear defamation, where a statement is made to be fact. "Tiger Woods used PED's and is currently suspended." Then, there is opinion, where the speaker clearly states he is making an opinion. "I think that Tiger Woods used PED's, and that's why he is suspended." Olsen managed to straddle the extremes and find the gray area that lawyers, both prosecution and defense, love: " I heard from someone credible that Tiger Woods used PED's." This could very well be a fact: Dan Olsen very well could've heard that Tiger Woods used PED's. He co
  10. Nike marketing wet dream, hear me out on this commercial: Black screen with a Nike swoosh Olson's radio comments playing, audio only, focusing on the Nike "cheater ball" comments Picture fades in, TIGER WOODS EARLY 2000's BALL WORKING COMPILATION, no background music just "cheater ball" comments plus ballstriking Olson's radio comments are repeated over and over while the sick compilation is playing, "cheater ball cheater ball" 30 seconds of Tiger checking up wedges and long irons while "cheater ball" is repeated over and over 2005 Masters chip is the last clip
  11. Current poll results from the CBS live stream:
  12. Looks like much more than 20lb loss, and he doesn't look healthy in my opinion. Hope he finds a happy medium between glutton and gluten-free and heavies back up a little to a "man" weight.
  13. Two highlights for me from this week's episode: 1. Chad eliminating the third challenger in two days. I can't blame people for taking him to elimination for obvious reasons. One, his leg. Two, he is the "newest" to the game and didn't play college, mini tours, etc. as far as I know. Three, his length. But I'll be damned if this dude is just a monster when the bell rings. An absolute animal when he's on the clock with a very strong mental game I believe. I doubt that anyone will be taking him to elimination challenge for at least 2 weeks. 2. Tyler's impression of Brandon dur
  14. I put some golf pride tour wraps midsize on the irons for spring summer coming up. Winn dri tacos did a great job over Texas "winter". Golf pride tour wraps are awesome in ideal sunny conditions. Beware of sweat or high humidity.
  15. Um,I for one am required to pay for "company" golf shirts with the logo on them. I do so willingly. What's this bit about the caddies complaining that the Tour doesn't give them health insurance? I am not a lawyer but I think the closest comparison would be the pit crew in NASCAR. Those guys wear the gear and logos, and they are "behind the scenes" players who are hand-picked by the driver and his management. Closest comparison in sports that I can think of. If I am the PGA Tour, I would be looking into how NASCAR handles payment, insurance, etc for the guys in the pit
  16. LOL "Give it a baseball bat grip and make sure to help the ball off the ground. Big wrist flip. It's all in the wrists, tiger."
  17. I find it really strange that his parents tweet about the relationship. That's pretty cringe-worthy in itself. Not all parents are great, not all kids are great. If one chooses to cut out the other from their life, that's their own business and most likely 100% justified. Who would willingly forfeit a healthy relationship with their mother or father? Son or daughter? We as golf fans will never get the Reed family's 25 year story, nor are we privileged to it. Edit: on a lighter note, Patrick Reed 6-0 match play in college?? He rocked at the Ryder cup last yr, wonder if his m
  18. That's some of the best golf writing I've ever read. As far as Reed goes, I'll take 10 more of him and enjoy the fireworks.
  19. So you didn't enjoy a roped 2 iron to 250 yards within 14 inches of the chalk line target? That shot made the show for me in itself.
  20. Is George Bryan the guy that does the shoulder shake while watching his shots fall? If so he is 100% genuinely awesome.
  21. Ah, I'm glad you asked. Notice the following line chart showing the steep decline in starts and the unsettling rise in MC: While history does not repeat itself, it does often rhyme. If anyone has any idea what the below graph shows please do let me know:
  22. I don't think it's fair to judge him on one bad comeback. If he missed several more cuts, I'd be very concerned. But you are right- that's an easier course even with the rain. Not that I've played there, just what I've read. Just goes to show the dude's short game is awful, just terrible. He's lookin like one of the chicks on Big Break twirling his lob wedge after he sticks the ball to 24 ft from 30 yards away or giving himself some stern self-talk and head shaking after skulling a chip over the green.
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