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  1. Bubba Watson -3 Phil Mickelson -3 Matt Kuchar -3
  2. Torque . . . and the body

    yes, stress on the follow through because of need to get weight onto left side, but also to stay with the . . . for lack of a better description . . . whipping action through the ball or hitting area without rising up . . . but also what I am just beginning to work on is that at address and on the backswing I have a sense of a closed stance/action . . . you? Anyway, I'm a little concerned about causing injury to back and hip . . .
  3. Having played golf for along time, for the first time I am working on TORQUE, realizing that therein lies the power, and I'm wondering about its effect on the body, thinking that perhaps this is a main reason so many have had back and hip problems.

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