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  1. My Swing (ygmondoux)

    Have not uploaded a driver swing is a while, because I haven't practiced my driver much in the last weeks. Once again when I hot my tempo my position are good... the ball just flies off the face and I feel like it's energy efficient, I could hit 100 drivers in a row without being fatigued much.
  2. My Swing (ygmondoux)

    I'm only working on my tempo right now. Changed my swing to a one plane with upright clubs 2 years ago, finally getting a hold of it (Positioning to the ball, feeling relaxed and confident over the ball) My main goal was setting up and hitting on the same plane. The thing is that I get quick on the backswing and transition more often than not on the course... since I don't play enough I'm struggling with this part of my game. My pitching is pretty good. My chipping is not stellar, but it's ok. My weakness is my putting, starting with the way I read greens, can't seem to trust my line since when I do it could be a 3 inches miss in a 10 footer. Have to get better at reading greens... any advice? Now for decision making, I'm too often not thinking about my missing on the good side of the green or fairway... I could improve a lot there.
  3. My Swing (ygmondoux)

    @iacas I'm thinking 115mph average on a normal swing but I'd have to check it out. I use to be 120mph+ but wild as a goose... I'm slowing my tempo down because I'm tall 6'5" but my "wing span" is 6'8" so I have very long arms, if I'm too quick I get stuck behind on the downswing... that's my theory, does it make any sense?
  4. My Swing (ygmondoux)

    Been solely working of my tempo in the last week. As a result, my strikes are better and position throughout the swing are almost exactly where I want them to be. Will keep up the tempo work this week.
  5. To golfers who score in the 70s - What's your story?

    Lol yeah, my only bogey free round and my only 43 putts round...par 71. hopefully the last one will never happen again. I agree that hitting the green is key and hitting the driver well makes it even easier.
  6. To golfers who score in the 70s - What's your story?

    I've had a 78 hitting every green. I've played a bogey free round 70 hitting 3/18... My only birdie way a 50 feet chip-in. But on a good game it's pretty simple. Have to stay out of trouble on my drive. (Knowing where to miss) Have to hit decent irons on the green or near miss. (Knowing where to miss) On those near miss I have to chip very close. Because I'm not that good at making 5'+ footers for par. If I do all this I'll play a 74 or better. On a very low score day If I can play to my strenght I drive very well and setup alot of 125 to 75 yards shot. From there, I'll get down in 3 most of the time... and in 2 more than in 4.
  7. My Swing (ygmondoux)

    I did a 3D analysis by myswing.com 2 days ago, I have been workout hard on my swing path... Trying to keep my shaft angle the whole swing. It's so nice to see I almost perfectly there. He here is a face-on view DTL And my Kinematic Sequence (Really interested in learning to crush those graphs and numbers)
  8. My Swing (ygmondoux)

    Yesterday I was swinging really well and every blow was crisp and felt like the ball exposed off the face.. so I watch few of the swings I filmed and my tempo was 3/1 ratio, at a very slow 30/10. So I decided to make a video of a DTL and face on view for when I feel I'm loosing my tempo. Is 30/10 too slow?
  9. My Swing (ygmondoux)

    Face on & DTL view, Trying to keep my wrist angle at 90* have a tendency to force it over 90*.
  10. My Swing (ygmondoux)

    I haven't played as much as I would have liked this year, but the swing is good and steady. I can now try to power the ball forward with more confidence. I'm still toe heavy (the clubs are not upright enough for my swing type) and one thing I really need to fix is how much spin I put on the ball du to a very upright swing. My new quest is finding some 7* upright clubs with a 2*-3* strong loft to keep the spin down and the trajectory lower. As of now I it a 7 iron 170 yards, with 9000 rpm and a fast 128mph ball speed.
  11. My Swing (ygmondoux)

    I'm almost there, it's looking better I just want my hand a tad higher at the top of the swing... But otherwise it's looking good and the trajectory is flatter and straighter.
  12. My Swing (ygmondoux)

    Here's a swing taken without a ball, this swing is my goal swing this year. I want to do the exact same thing on the ball... to do so I need my swing to be tension less and relaxed it's the only way I can hit those positions.
  13. My Swing (ygmondoux)

    Here is this year early swing, I'm really trying to be less of a sweeper of the ball and hit down on it. Since playing in simulators this winter I now know my launch angles throughout the set are at least 3 degrees to high compared to PGA pro's numbers.
  14. What are Your 2017 Golf Goals?

    Here are my 2017 goals. I want to get my game back to scratch! After remodelling completely my swing due to back problems I feel like I am back to where I was (or better) ball striking wise. It's been 7 years since I've played scratch golf, in the last six years I've played between 0 and 15 games a year. What I need to do to get there. Play more: 25-30 games this year. Get back to competitive play, money games (Practice becomes more goal oriented) Improve short game ( I'm going to dedicate 75% of my practice around the green due to my back problems I can't hit many balls max 100 per practice ) Break my golf club scoring record, was almost there last year -6 after 15. Had a 8 footer for eagle at 16... 3 putted... finished double 17, double 18 ) Took a month to play a good round after that meltdown. Next round was my worst: A beautiful 96. Win club championship. I don't feel like all this is wishful thinking, I do believe I have a shot at it. Just need to stick to my short game practice plan.
  15. 7-8 degrees upright?

    @1badbadger I've developed a in to out swing to flatten the swing since I've been playing standard clubs until last year. I think that's why I hook a toe heavy club. You are right 7* up seems way too much. I thought 1"+ = 2*up. 5.5* should be enough. So I'm not off by much. But I hit my 5* toe heavy... maybe they aren't really 5up (Ping i3 maroon but bought off eBay ne shows silver under the maroon (homemade?), but they are no doubt at least 3*up. (I will need to give it a check) With a standard length iron I have 94-96 mph with 7 iron. Gives my a 175 carry still a bit too much spin. I'd like a 180 more penetrating flight at 7000-7300RPM As to shaft flex I never gave it a second thought, since I always played Stiff. Now that I think about it I think you are 100% right, might kick in too soon and accentuate face angle at impact. I'll change my shaft for sure this year as I play X in my driver and 3 wood. Thanks 1badbadger for enlightening me!

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