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  1. Kept on practicing the same things. Same hands apart drill. Feeling I rotate more into the impact area and not loosing my speed. It's going great can make à 75% swing with good rotation and more power into the hitting zone. I feel I use my legs better, less hip movement more rotation. The last 10 balls of the bucket all landed in the same 10 feet circle at 150 yards with limited flight balls and against a small wind. So estimating >165 yards with that same 8 iron.
  2. I went back to the range yesterday evening. Tried those 80-90% swing with my 8 iron. It kinda works, still don't have the rotation (clearing of the left side) I'd like on my full swing.
  3. Found a good drill to keep the spine angle and have better rotation tru the ball. I put my hands 4 inches apart. And I swint making sure my 2 arms are extended tru impact. If I want to square it up I must really turn tru... and as soon as you "flip" you feel it. Here is my swing trying to emulate de same sensation. Going 60% here. 8 iron at 140 at most. When I do it correctly like in the video above. I real feel the compression and the ball flight looks like nothing I've ever hit. Very penetrating and pure. I'll try to swing at 90% by the end of the week with the same form. And move to the driver next week. Anyone else ever tried this drill?
  4. I've been Playing Golf for: 16 years My current handicap index or average score is: 2 My typical ball flight is: Straight The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Push Fade Videos: Working on keeping my spine angle at impact.
  5. I'm paying a 983E driver since last year (Love the head shape and flight of the ball) with a speeder stiff shaft made for titleist. I love this driver because it allows me to hit a fade and I can't loose a ball left, I can manage to draw the ball if I really need to but it takes a lot. I got on a trackman simulator the other day here are my numbers: 117-120mph CHS - 170-177mph BS - 11-12* launch - 2500-2700 spin - 290-305 carry - not much roll and pretty straight The fitter wanted me to hit a new titleist driver with X-stiff to see my numbers: overall 3-4 more mph CHS, 2200 spin, 10 yards less carry, lots of roll but all 30 yards hooks. Why would a stiffer shaft gives me the hooks? And I must say it kinda felt soft, tried a few different shafts all the same results. Are the new shaft any softer dans the year 2000 standard?
  6. I've been thinkering with my swing weight recently, I always knew I like my SW to be very light. I added jumbo grips with 5 tapes and removed the weight insert in my old PING i3 blades, my club is now at C0 and I love it. It feels easier to swing the club, I tend to get off tempo if the SW is too high. I don't know if there is a link here but I have very long arms 6'9" wingspan. Wouldn't it be wise to calculate the total swing weight of the arm and club from the shoulder joint? I mean a smaller man could swing a D6 SW spending less energy than I do no? Like it's easier for someone with small arms to Benchpress... What's your thought on swing weight vs arm lenght ?
  7. Finally found a qualified club fitter with a trackman in my area, got to understand my swing more than ever. The stat that stood out the most was my dynamic lie angle with the 7 iron. It's at 69* with a KBS c-taper X-Stiff 130g (Less droop). That's +7* from standard 62*. I've ordered some +5* +1" irons. For the first time in my life I'll know what turf interaction with a good lie feels like, no more compensation move to hit it straight !
  8. Yesterday, I tried some mizuno's at a demo day. I got to try the shaft analyzer, I think I swung way too soft with it 3/4 swings, because it gave me a 88mph reading and I wasn't warm yet. Leading to Stiff almost Stiff/Reg super lite shaft. Once I got the shaft on I regularly swung at about 95mph with +1/2inch, what's incredible is how much I like the feeling of light shaft, I have a very slow tempo swing a 2 reading on the 1 to 9 scale so with a light shaft I can really accelerate the club. When I went after the ball I could get a 104mph swing speed with the 6 iron. But the shafts I loved the most and hit the best were regular flex, under 100g. This is a little puzzling since I have a somewhat high swing speed. I'll soon buy new clubs, need to... but this will just add more to my paralysis in front of all what's available. If I spend a thousand+ on clubs I wan't to be sure they are perfect for me. Since I need +5*up (mizuno can do it) I'd love to try them before buying but this just won't happen, only ping have some and it's always the player improvement iron in fitting carts.
  9. Today's swing. Pretty solid, even if I had pretty back back pain.
  10. I'm really not scoring well in my last few games, 76,82,78, 77. But I've never been striking the ball as good, it's almost always right on line with a solide contact. But my distance control is all over the place. Flying greens, than coming short because I'm scared of flying it. I've been playing with half a set lately and I think this is part of the problem. I can't control my soft iron shots, a soft 9 iron 140 can become a way too soft 9 at 130 and I don't have much feel for it yet and a full 9 150 can become a big 9 at 160 without much more added too it. Other problem I developed is with my driver, I use too have very little shaft lean so I play a 8.5* ping anser (probably the lowest spinning driver ever) But now if I hit the ball half a inch over the centre of the face the ball just won't stay is the air, I drop from 2000ish spin too 1200ish. 2000 is already way too low as I can't draw the ball without it dropping after 200 yards it behaves like a snap hook but it's straight. Chipping and Pitching wise is either I stiff it or I chunk it. So I won't do much about it just wait a bit I think things will clear by themselves. Putting is not good, green reading is awful. Going to give aim point a try. I've been putting inside in the simulator this winter. where everyputt is straight. The machine gives me a 0.0* clubface and a 0.0* swing path most of the time. That's it for now, playing a hard course tomorrow, I'll try a different driver.
  11. Looking back in my cell for swings, I found this one, I think it's one of my best ever. Tempo and position wise. That day I stripped those balls. Need to be looking back at this swing whenever I feel I'm getting off tracks.
  12. @nick1998bunker You try this but what worked for me is a bit counter intuitive because of what we learned in the golf swing. I've been told countless times by pros, magazines, youtube tips that a wider arc = more power. But what if a wider arc for those with fast hips meant slowing down the arm because the club will feel heavier when your arms are fully extended. You should just try feeling like you swing your arm around you on a smaller arc, I don't know if that makes sense. For me it works very well because I have long arms, it might be your case.
  13. @nick1998bunker I don't see much wrong doing here, what is your ball trajectory like? What is your big miss? I see your out path doesn't match your in ( the club doesn't release around your body but out toward the target. (Push or Hooks). Usually mean your hips are too fast for your arms. I had the same problem, what helped is actually having less width in my backswing feels like I can get my arms moving faster with less resistance and match my quick hips. Couldn't never get myself to slow my hips down so I focused on speeding up the arms instead.
  14. Tonight was a special training session, for about 50 balls or so, every strike was doing exactly what I wanted it to do, height, trajectory, distance I was in complete control... those kind of practice makes me hate golf for the rest of the time I can't control S**t. That was at the end of the session only recorded one swing, was not my best but the clubhead speed I generate with this swing is pretty awesome. My back used to hurt after a practice... not anymore all because of a simple change.
  15. I absolutely love your swing, just keep at it and your index is going down!
  16. Played 21 holes today, in less than 2 hours with a buddy of mine, a pro. My game is going in the good direction, the feeling of having my left elbow bent in the swing is a game changer for me. I still don't feel quite at ease over the ball. But after testing it on the course I can say that I'm longer than I've ever been. here is a screencap of my longest drive today, a mid trajectory draw riding a cross left to right wind and the wind was not helping, I fact it was just a bit toward me. I'm estimating a 300-310 yards carry. It felt effortless! Now just have to trust my new found length with my irons as my 3/4 swings are my "old" full swing.
  17. Tried something different today, tried to reduce my arc width in my back swing and downswing, tried to keep a bit of a bent in my left elbow (I tend to over extend my left arm) The swing felt different, I felt like I needed much less effort start the downswing. I couldn't tell if I lost much distance but the contacts felt pretty good.
  18. Kinda of a breakthrough today: I couldn't get my head around why I can't reproduce my practice swing over the ball. My first thought was looking at my practice swing on video: My lag is better, the club falls in the slot everytime but my clubhead is always open where impact should be. So tried closing the clubface at address to fix the issue. And still my pratice swing is no wear near identical as my real swing. So I opened my video editing program, and layered my real swing over my practice swing. I found out that of I was going to do my practice swing over the ball I'd top the ball or miss the ball and it the mat about 5-6 inches in front of the ball. The more I tried to do my practice swing over the ball, concentrating and feeling the move. The more I got my self in a stuck position because the only way I can release to square the face was by flipping the hands from the inside. I have to get my head around the fact that I'm not Dustin Johnson, I won't bomb it 320 carry... I'm not a great lagger of the clubhead I just can't do it. I have a very big wing span and I'll try to use it in my advantage. From now on, I'll try to make my practice swing more like my real swing with my early release, It's not really early release since I still get good shaft lean. More like Bryson Dechambeau or Steve Stricker. I'm going to play this afternoon, we'll see.
  19. I've been praticing my cut swing just to balance things out as my regular swing was becoming more and more a bigger draw swing. From what I see I like my cut swing better than my draw swing or regular swing.
  20. I never worked with an instructor, I filmed myself a lot when I was 17 trying to emulate what the pros did. I stand behind the ball and trace the shot with my hand and mimic the ball flight. I always get a few laughs out of that move. But it helps me "commit" to my shot.
  21. Lol, If it look ridiculous I'm all for it! I already mimic my desired ball flight with my hand in my pre-shot routine. I'll look into it. If only I could get just a bit better it's worth it. Thanks for your comment on my swing, it's a long process and right now I'm struggling to sync the lower body and the upper body on any long irons and woods swing. My hips are going crazy fast... I'm going to try engaging my abs more in the swing to connect the upper and lower body, I'm almost out of ideas. My goal is to be a scratch player at the end of the summer.
  22. After playing a few times indoor on a simulator, my playing partner was astounded that my face was always less than +/-1* square to target on every shot. But my club path pretty much always 3* to 6* to the right of the target. I figured I must be compensating somewhere in my swing to square to club to where it was at address. So I studied my practice swing (no ball) to find out I have on everyshot at least a 10* open club face if not 20* (Not calculated but looked at on video). But my path is true. What is so different between my practice swing and my swing on the ball besides that? Not much... tension is not an issue, I touch the ground an inch after where the ball was and I never open my hips too early (my compensation move to shut the face) That got me thinking... If I could shut the face enough with a very strong grip so that my practice swing (my natural swing) would match my real swing. What would happen? Yesterday was my first try. It feels very solid, I don't trust it yet but it does appear to work. 78 first game of the year, with poor chips. Cost me 3 strokes. Almost everyone say they have a better swing when there is no ball. What if we could learn from that and compensate in our setup before we actually move? Everyone is unique, some hit the ball with a bowed left wrist... those guy get away with a weak grip... think hogan. I tend to have a ever slightly cupped left wrist. Here is a all out practice swing I took, just to rule out the tension theory, club head speed was probably around 100mph with a 7 iron on that swing.
  23. After a bit of a struggle early this season, I found out my grip wasn't shut enough for my very passive hand action. Here is 2 swings with a stronger grip a fade and a draw, just by changing my swing path. Feels solid.
  24. Lovely swing! Superb back swing and transition. The thing I see you could improve is the follow through, it's already very good, but that lead arm folds pointing behind you and should point to the ground more (your elbows are getting away from one another), your forearms stop working as one unit. If that moves creeps up just before the impact, it leads to all sort of nasty results: off center, fat, thin, pull hooks... I would practice with and elastic band over your elbows. To keep them at the same distance throughout the whole swing. I wouldn't worry about anything else at this point. Hope that helps!
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