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  1. 76 (39-37) My low round of the year. Had 13 holes of par or better (only one birdie), so I was thrilled with that. Focus on improving my putting is paying off.
  2. Allenby's character is questionable, to say the least. I'd imagine the caddie would've relished the opportunity to hash everything out in a secluded corner of the parking lot after Allenby finished his round.
  3. I agree wholeheartedly. I can't stand him and a few years ago I would've been almost giddy over this development, but now it's just sort of pathetic.
  4. I'm a superstitious everything when it comes to competitive endeavors and have been for a long time, although I only need one ritual per activity. For golf, I only play natural wood-colored tees and I start every round with exactly five of them in my right pocket.
  5. 81 (39-42) Parred the first par-5, then took a 7 on each of the other three. Real bent about that because it could've been an excellent round.
  6. I've never been fleeced by a vanity guy. They don't bother me in the slightest I've had a couple of sandbaggers get into my wallet real good before I realized what they were. That chapped my a$$ royally. Sandbaggers are far, far worse.
  7. I'm certainly not. I'd rank Oregon at about No. 10 on my list of favorite Pac-12 teams, but I'm a Ducks fan tonight.
  8. You're not really going too far out on a limb with that one. Michigan will get good, and it'll happen rather quickly.
  9. I recall seeing a clip of Hale Irwin playing a yellow ball – perhaps in one of his U.S. Open wins? I recently got a Sports Authority gift card in a company drawing and decided to burn it on golf balls. I damn near pulled the trigger on a dozen Volvik yellow ones, but went with Pro V1s instead.
  10. You should remind those d-bags that it was only 7 years ago when the Tide lost 6 games in a single season, including one to Louisiana-Monroe. How quickly people become spoiled.
  11. Once I start a round, I'm in for the duration. I'm always bent on trying to fix whatever's going wrong. Sometimes that happens and sometimes it doesn't, but I always finish. I've mentally checked out of a few rounds after 10 or 11 holes, then ended up playing the last 4 or 5 in 1-over or so. Sometimes the problem is just too much thinking.
  12. Cool – a traditional Rose Bowl matchup in the first-ever playoff finale. Just wish we didn't have to wait 11 days.
  13. Real hard for me to root for any team coached by either one of those guys. Did you see Urb's act after there was no roughing call (just the 5-yard running into the punter)? Ridiculous.
  14. It'd be similar to NBA games morphing into nothing more than free-throw shooting contests. How many of the current players would remain in such a league? If there were any, you could count them on a couple of fingers. There are guys who can drain 50 straight foul shots with regularity and are deadly accurate even from 3-point range. However, they have no prayer of even getting a shot off in the flow of an NBA game, and thus are of no use to those teams. It's the same thing with all the putting superstars who would emerge. If they can't get themselves into birdie range on a PGA To
  15. It's that done now. You will not see Oregon pull a Baylor.
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